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Tufted Pillowcases

Complete 'the look' with additional tufted pillowcases.

We offer a wide range of tufted pillowcases available in a large variety of patterns and colour. Tufting is a type of weaving technique in which a thread is incorporated into a primary base of fabric. Usually, the tuft yarns form patterns on the surface of the fabric such as stripes, dots and geometric shapes. The ends of the tuft yarns are then frayed to give them a felt-like finish. Not only is tufted fabric the perfect way to add texture and dimension to your room, but the tufting process creates dense, insulating layers.Browse through our pillowcases in a traditional Housewife style. If you prefer a more extravagant look, you will also find pillowcases with an Oxford border. Instead of a traditional pillowcase, you may opt for a Sham. Although they are known as a type of 'pillowcase', they are not designed for sleeping on but rather as decorative items. Often referred to as continental pillowcases, shams are a larger size of 65 x 65cm. Explore our range of shams.

Read more about the differences between pillowcases, shams and cushions.


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