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Yellow Bedding Sets

let the sunshine in with yellow bedding.

Lush spring meadows, busy bumblebees and Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers – just a few things that come to mind when you mention the colour yellow. Whether it’s a radiant golden mustard or an earthy-looking ochre, yellow creates powerful feelings of joy and positive energy. So, whatever your shade, our collection of yellow bedding sets is sure to illuminate your space. Shop the collection.

Featuring a stunning array of exotic animal and plant prints, patterned designs and more - our yellow bedding collection will satisfy all tastes. Whether you love a soft, grounding ochre or a glistening brighter shade, just how yellow you go is up to you. Our yellow bedding sets are made from crisp, fresh polycotton and soft cloudlike cotton fabrics, so you’ll enjoy a dreamy experience that’s second to none.

Yellow Bedding Sets


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Our selection of yellow bedding sets covers the length and breadth of sunshine shades, from sweet amber and ochre hues right up to dazzling daffodil brights. Our furn. colour psychology guide associates yellow with feelings of energy, positivity and productivity – so whatever shade you go for, a yellow bedding set is guaranteed to outshine the bad vibes.

All our bedding is made from 100% polycotton and cotton fabrics, so you can float away in a dreamy blend of freshness and sumptuous comfort. The button closures are clear and easy to use; and many of the sets come with a fully reversible design that you can switch up whenever you fancy a change. 

how to style yellow bedding

It’s a common misconception that bedroom colours must be dark, deep and muted for us to get a good night’s sleep. While a strong indigo or midnight blue is sure to have a relaxing effect, colours can be quite subjective, and there’s lot to be said for illuminating your space with a bright colour like yellow. Yellow is associated with optimism, cheerfulness, and new beginnings – so it’s a great choice if you want to put some handy colour psychology to use in your space.

For a grown-up contemporary look, try softening brighter shades of yellow with neutral whites, greys and blacks. Even the most glaring of yellow hues can be levelled out with a few black or grey cushions, and you’ll be pulling off a sleek and sophisticated contemporary interior style. 

If you simply can’t get enough of yellow, why not go for a paler shade like lemon for your base colour? While not a typical neutral hue like white or grey, yellow can work great as a neutral base when you go for a more muted tone. Using yellow as a base tone is a great way to brighten up your space from the bottom up, and fits perfectly with more laidback interior styles like bohemian, farmhouse and mid-century. 

Determined to transform your bedroom into the brightest, cheeriest space imaginable? Try going for a mix of yellow’s many hues and brighten them up with a strong presence of neutral whites. Our yellow bedding collection features several options patterned and printed with white designs, from ochre and mustard shaded sets to paler hues like lemon. Accent these sets with some decorative white cushions and you’ll be well on your way to transforming your space into a coastal or French country-style hideaway. 

Still stuck? Explore the finer details with our handy bedding buying guide, which is packed full of helpful information.