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Yellow Wallpaper

paste your way to eternal sunshine with our yellow wallpaper.

It’s fresh, it’s summery, and it’s the perfect cheery shade to give your space a makeover. From deep honey mustards to light, zesty hues that capture the vitality of a blossoming spring – our collection brings the full potential of yellow wallpaper to life. Make a statement with a daring exotic design, or embrace your inner calm with tranquil floral motifs. Shop the collection today.

Our entire yellow wallpaper range is paste-the-wall, so the application process is guaranteed to be a hassle-free breeze. Make sure you’ve found the design of your dreams with our handy £1 wallpaper sample service – available across the entire collection. Not sure how much wallpaper you’ll need? Our helpful wallpaper calculator is here to help on each individual product page, totting up the exact number of rolls you’ll need to give your space a fresh new face.

Yellow Wallpaper


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Our entirely paste-the-wall yellow wallpaper collection makes transforming your space easier than ever. Even if you’ve never tried your hand at wallpapering before, our collection is hassle-free to apply and forgiving to beginner mistakes. Simply apply the adhesive to your wall, and gently spread the wallpaper over it. Don’t worry if it doesn’t go exactly to plan the first time – our wallpaper can be moved and adjusted even while the adhesive is still drying. 

Durable, non-fading, and easily spot-cleaned – our paste-the-wall yellow wallpaper is the stress-free solution to a once-daunting décor challenge. 

Still unsure? Our helpful how to wallpaper guide breaks the process down into simple, easy-to-follow steps.

how to style yellow wallpaper.

Yellow’s many shades create a wide variety of emotions, which means that it’s the perfect versatile colour to introduce to the busier areas of your home. Introduce the traditional, warm elegance of deeper shades with mustard or ochre wallpaper, or soak your space in sunlight with our uplifting golden hues. Whatever vibe you’re going for, our yellow wallpaper collection’s got something for you. 

Well-known to complement and gently brighten up neutrals like grey and brown, adding some yellow to your space is a great way to splash on some colour while keeping a sophisticated minimalist look. Look for a paler yellow wallpaper with a floral pattern, and pair with neutral furniture like a wooden bookcase or dark console table. This subtle use of colour blocking and neutral accents will create a casually elegant look, perfect for sophisticated minimalist styles like transitional and French country. Accent with some neutral grey cushions to add further depth to your colour scheme. 

After more of a colourful, maximalist look? Yellow and blue is a classic colour combination and works perfectly in more contemporary and eclectic styles. For a quirky mix of colours that’s easy on the eye, pair bright golden wallpaper with blue bedding or cushions in deep shades like teal or cobalt. Layer up the colours and patterns in your smaller accents and you’ll be well on your way to achieving an energetic bohemian style. 

If you’re looking to add maximum brightness to a space, yellow wallpaper pairs beautifully with neutral whites and beige to create an uplifting sun-soaked effect. Rooms with a lot of natural light work best for this look, so the dining area or bedroom is a popular choice. Go with a warm mustard wallpaper for a more traditional interior look, and dial up the brightness with some decorative white cushions. For a contemporary country look with impressive levels of depth, layer in a textured cream throw

Still stuck? Our handy wallpaper buying guide covers everything from wallpaper types to designs, to application methods and more!