How to: Pick + style cushions for grey sofas


According to Real Homes, the most popular sofa colour choice in the last year was grey. Although grey sofas are not considered bright or daring pieces of furniture, they are a great blank canvas to introduce some statement soft furnishings. Neutral in tone, grey sofas are complimented by most colours, textures and prints; so you can keep up with the latest trends without frequently replacing your sofa and breaking the bank. With so many possibilities of styling against a grey palette, it can be tricky deciding which products will work in your home. So where exactly do you start when it comes to picking cushions?


Cushions for: Light Grey Sofas


The lighter a grey seater sofa is or the more it leans towards a blue tinge, the cooler the tone is considered. This is the perfect opportunity to style subtle colourways and create gentle contrasts. Think blush pinks, soft greens, taupe and the lighter side of neutrals such as white or cream. By doing so, the delicate contrast of colours will compliment the blue hues of the sofa without appearing too garish or loud. If you prefer to stick to neutral tones such as black or white for a minimalistic look, texture is an alternative way to bring in contrasts. Explore tufted cushions or cushion covers with piped edge trims to add extra detailing.


Top Tip: If you are opting for neutral or grey cushions, make sure they are lighter or darker than the tone of your sofa. It may be comfy, but your sofa will lack style if your cushions blend in. 



Photo credit: @the_flat_that_rosie_built | Products in order: Medina Velvet Tasselled Cushion (Ochre), Blume Cushion (Natural), Orson Tufted Cushion (Ecru), Mahal Geometric Cushion (Juniper Green).


Cushions for: Dark Grey Sofas


 Dark grey sofas tend to be warmer toned. This is the perfect base to add some bold and bright cushions as the darker colour will make them pop. Think strong contrasting colours such as deep navy blues and bright yellows against the grey fabric. The darker tones of the sofa will also emphasize any texture on the cushions and these will become a focal point. Don't be afraid to introduce new materials and compositions when selecting your cushions as this is a great way to add statement pieces to your interior. 


Top Tip: Still stuck for colour ideas? Take a look at the other pieces in your living room. Would it clash with your rug? Compliment your curtains? Take inspiration from the space around you!



Photo credit: @harrison_nate_and_me | Products in order: Meridian Velvet Cushion (Navy/Silver), Jagger Ribbed Corduroy Cushion (Ochre Yellow) | Accessorise with: Romilly Tasselled Throw (Gold/Navy) 


Cushions for: Grey Corner Sofas


Corner sofas are usually larger in size meaning it is trickier to fill the space with cushions without it becoming messy. Avoid being repetitive by having too many identical cushions on the same sofa seat. A great way to dress a grey corner sofa is to use scatter cushions along the back support of the suite. This type of look will also suit a grey sofa bed that is used throughout the day. By doing this, you can use cushions that have alternate patterns and textures which contrast but compliment one another - think plain which is placed next to geometric and geometric which is placed next to fringed. You will also want to make sure the corner of the sofa has a cushion in place. This is a great spot for a larger cushion or a statement design as this will be the focal point of the suite. 


Top Tip: Take into consideration the grey fabric of your sofa. If you have a leather sofa, you may want to add velvet cushions to introduce some soft textiles. If your sofa is textured, such as corduroy, avoid adding the same fabric - contrasts are key.



Photo Credit: @aflickofpaint | Products in order: Leveque Velvet Jacquard Cushions (Blush/Navy) + (Ochre/Blush), Flicker Fringed Cushion (Teal)


Whatever style, tone or size your grey sofa is, don't be afraid to experiment with colours, textures and prints to give it a new lease of life. Feeling inspired? Check out our sofa cushions