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Quilt Togs Buying Guide




Our Cosy Home Quilt, available in a single, double, king and super king, is filled with a special type of lightweight hollowfibre polyester. As the name suggests, each strand of polyester is hollow, which traps air inside and retains heat. This synthetic filling is perfect if you or your family suffer from allergies or react badly to natural filled duvets. With a variety of Tog ratings and high-quality synthetic fabric, this hollowfibre quilt is a perfect, great value choice for a guaranteed nights sleep all year round!


Tog is the measurement of thermal insulation or to put it simply, how warm a quilt is. It is worth noting that tog is not a measurement of comfort. The higher a quilt’s tog rating, the better the heat retention and the warmer you will be. It is tricky knowing which tog of duvet is best for you, which is why we have created this handy guide to help you decide!



4.5 Tog

4.5 is our lightest tog, making it perfect for those hot summer months. We recommend a lightweight duvet such as our 4.5 tog for young children and toddlers, as their bodies are smaller than an adult’s, they can overheat in a thicker quilt. A duvet should not be used in a cot or for babies in general as they are unable to regulate their body temperature.


10.5 Tog

For those middle seasons, we recommend a 10.5 tog. Some people have a duvet specifically for the summer and one for winter. But, if you would rather stick to one duvet all year round, a 10.5 tog is a great choice. It is still lightweight but can be added with throws in the winter for an extra layer. If you are buying for a child, we recommend a 10.5 tog or less. 


13.5 Tog

A 13.5 tog quilt is suitable for middle seasons or colder months. If you feel the cold easily, this may be a good tog rating for you to use all year round - it's completely down to preference! 


15 Tog

Our 15 tog is our thickest quilt so we would recommend this for those freezing winter nights. This duvet tog would be far too thick to use in the summertime and because of this, you may want to choose a different tog of duvet for each season. 


Which tog is best for you?


  Home Temperature

 A cold house - If your house is old and lets in a draught, a heavier tog quilt is the better option for sleeping in a chillier house.

A warm house - Modern and well insulated homes tend to stay warm at night so you will not need a super-thick duvet, even in the depths of winter.



The outside temperature is less relevant to your choice of tog than the temperature of your bedroom. It might be -5 and blowing a gale outside, but if your heating is on full, you may not need anything warmer than a 10.5 tog duvet. But it's worth considering a light 4.5 tog duvet for those unbearable summer nights.


  Sharing a bed

 Think about how comfortable you are with your duvet... now add an extra person to that and there will be extra heat added to your bed. If you share a bed, you may find a lower tog duvet to be more comfortable. 


Now you've decided on a tog for your duvet, you can go ahead and pick the perfect Duvet Sets for your home! And why not check out our 100% Cotton Bedding Blog to see all the benefits of choosing cotton over polycotton.