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how to layer your bed like an interior designer.


Got all the gear but no idea? Making your bed has never seemed so complicated... that's why we have teamed up with Jen, also known as @halfpaintedhouse on Instagram, to show you how to layer your bed like a pro. Layering a variety of products, textures and colours, will exaggerate the depth and dimension of your bed making it look so irresistibly cosy that you will be tempted to dive in every time you pass by. 


Fitted Sheet

A fitted sheet is the very first layer on your bed and it often goes unseen, but you should never underestimate the effect it can give when exposed.

A plain white sheet will not only give a timeless and traditional look, but it will also pose as a blank canvas, giving you the opportunity to layer bold and bright prints. If you would rather establish some contrasts, a subtle pattern or pop of colour in a fitted sheet can add depth and dimension without being the main feature of your bed.

Jen (@halfpaintedhouse) has selected our Holbury Striped Fitted Bed Sheet in Ochre. Delicately patterned, the Ochre pinstripes add pastel hues to the room without being overly vibrant.



Duvet Set

A duvet set can be the most noticeable item in your room. The livelier the print, the greater the risk of heavy pattern clashes when layering. If you do prefer a vivid pattern on a duvet set, we recommend layering simple, unfussy furnishings that complement the colours within the design. We know no-one can resist a bright and daring duvet set from time to time (we can’t either!), but the key to layering like a pro is to choose a subtle but bold base in which you can build upon. Folding your duvet over at the top of the bed is a great way to expose the fitted sheet underneath whilst also creating another layer.




Now we have our base, it’s time to tackle cushions. It’s easy to go cushion crazy and throw on any design that catches your eye. But, when layering, it’s great to have contrasts between sizes and colours. When paired together, these variations will emphasise the depth of the bed, making it appear grander. So here is what we suggest:

Complementary Cushions

Select two cushions (ideally the same), and place them in front of your pillows. Typically, these should be rather minimalistic or a simple block colour. You will want to choose a cushion colour that is complementary to the shades already in the room. Alternatively, you may opt for a contrasting colour that is not going to clash. Not only will these cushions establish the first prominent layer on the bed but they will also support and complement the accent cushion that sits in front.

Jen (@halfpaintedhouse) has selected a pair of our Cosmo Velvet Cushions in Marine Blue in a size of 45 x 45 cm. An opposing colour to the Ochre sheet, it provides a perfect colour contrast. The mini pom-pom trim detailing on these cushions adds a subtle texture without being garish.



Accent Cushion

Now you want to choose a cushion that is going to make a statement as this will be the main focus of your bed. Branch out and select a more daring print that will take the spotlight right in the centre. Don’t completely divert, as all of your hard work so far will be unaccounted for if you do - make sure you pick a design, size and colour that is not only going to stand out but flatter the arrangement on your bed.


A striking geometric design such as our Leveque Velvet Jacquard Cushion is a great choice for an accent cushion. Jen (@halfpaintedhouse) has selected one in Ochre/Blush to flawlessly tie in with her Ochre Sheet and Blush Duvet Set. In a slighter larger size to the supporting cushions, the 55 x 55 cm accent cushion protrudes forwards, further claiming the focus of the room. These contrasts in size and colour, accentuate the depth of the layers making the bed look irresistibly cosy.



No two homes are the same and there are no rules when it comes to interior design, so why not switch it up? Alternatively, you could place two statement cushions as your first layer and have a minimalistic cushion at the front instead. Or you could place larger cushions behind the accent cushion for added height. Don’t be afraid to experiment with size, shape, placement or even the amount of cushions you use - only you know what is best for your bed!




Not only are throws super practical as they provide extra warmth and comfort, but they are key for enhancing layers on the end of your bed. If you have chosen a subtle duvet cover, you now have the opportunity to select something bright and bold. Whether you fold them precisely or simply chuck them on, throws are an effortless way to create dimension. And if you really want to go all out, why not have more than one?

That’s exactly what Jen has done; she has selected our Boho Cotton Tufted Throw in Ochre. The neutral colour makes it easy to combine with other items and the tufted detailing is subtle but still adds texture. The Ochre pom-pom tassels are a deeper tone of yellow compared to the shades on the bed so far, providing an extra element of depth. Jen (@halfpaintedhouse) has these hanging from the side of the bed which creates the illusion of a taller, grander frame.



She has this overlapped with our Jewel Herringbone Throw in Ochre. Featuring a knitted geometric diamond design, it complements the pattern of the accent cushion perfectly and ties the whole look of the bed together - the perfect finishing touch!


And here is the final look...



We caught up with Jen (@halfpaintedhouse) to get her thoughts on layering and how she put together this beautiful set up.


furn. Hi Jen, you are a pro at layering! The finished look is absolutely stunning, how do you think layering changes the overall look of a bed?

Jen: I think layering adds so much interest and texture and you can really change the feel and look of the bedroom just by changing up the bedding. Plus it looks extra comfy with more throws and cushions!

f. We couldn’t agree more! You’ve selected quite an array of our products to layer your bed. Can you tell us why you’ve selected these items and colours?

J: I love colour and pattern but I don’t necessarily want it all over my bedroom so I loved being able to add punches of blue, pink and yellow in the dressing of my bed, it was an easy way to bring out the colours in the artwork above the bed!

f. And they look perfect in your home too. Without saying all of them… which is your favourite item to layer and why?

J: Oooh it has to be cushions. I’m always playing around with different cushions and moving them from room to room when I fancy a change and cushions are such an affordable thing to stock up on! Velvet cushions like these are my favourite, so soft and luxurious!

Want more interior inspiration? Head over to @halfpaintedhouse on Instagram to see more of Jen’s beautiful home.