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dopamine decor: 5 pieces to bring joy into your home.

A selection of dopamine decor, including a vibrant floral cushion, interesting textures and a novelty flamingo plushie.

inviting colours. enchanting designs. welcome to the mind-massaging world of dopamine decor.

We all love a good dopamine hit. Whether it’s breaking out the tartan blanket for a sunny beach picnic, savouring that first bite of chocolate after a tiring run, or feeling the first drops of water in a hot shower at the end of a long winter’s day – few things beat that comforting rush of self-soothing.

Dopamine is known as the ‘feelgood’ chemical in our brains, which is released when we experience something pleasurable or when we’re anticipating a reward. This can be anything from waiting for our favourite meal at a restaurant, to listening to our favourite music or even getting a hug from a loved one.

But who would have thought that the hunt for dopamine would have led us into the world of interior design? ‘Dopamine decor’ has surged to the forefront of TikTok interior trends as of late, with users flooding For You Pages across the globe with pictures and videos of furnishings that scratch a certain itch in their brains. Eye-wateringly bright accessories, all-neon palettes and bold, clashing patterns are just a few of the style’s hallmarks seen so far.

amanita mushroom duvet cover set in cobalt.
amanita mushroom duvet cover set

It’s no great secret that surrounding ourselves in nature can have positive effects on our mood and mental health. It’s one thing scientists don’t have to tell us, as a quick walk through a green forest or along the lapping shore of a sandy beach will reveal the dopamine-releasing powers of nature firsthand.

This makes a strong case for getting some indoor plants involved when decorating your space. They’ve been shown to bring about a host of physical and mental health benefits, from boosting mood to easing stress, as well as reducing blood pressure and fatigue.

amanita mushroom duvet cover set

If houseplants are a no-go for you, not to worry – we’ve got the next best thing. With the Amanita Mushroom Duvet Cover Set in Cobalt, you’ll make every dusk and dawn feel like a fairytale forage into a mystic woodland.

It’s everything great about nature-inspired interiors and the cottagecore aesthetic wrapped up in one mesmerising duvet set, sure to stimulate most minds right in that dopamine sweet spot.

The electric cobalt blue has a visceral impact, but (just in case you were worried about getting too jumped up on dopamine before bed) some research has shown that blue shades can help create a sense of calm and relaxation.

wiggle velvet reversible cushion in yellow/lilac.
Wiggle Yellow Velvet Cushion

Looking for a decor collection that packs a dopamine punch like no other? Look no further than Heya Home.

It’s a maximalist, spirit-lifting spectacle of zesty rainbow shades and tickling textures – perfect for full-blown eclectic interiors or just for when a quick pop of fun is needed. Bringing bright splashes of colour, unexpected shapes and tactile textures to your decor is a great way to shake things up and get your brain feeling refreshed.

Wiggle Yellow Velvet Cushion

The Wiggle Velvet Reversible Cushion in Yellow/Lilac is the ideal dopamine decor mascot, sporting funky wiggled edges complemented with a lilac velvet piped trim.

The buttery, acid-yellow cover strikes the perfect soul-soothing chord with its sweet lilac counterpart, and the soft velvet finish makes it just as pleasurable to touch. It comes pre-filled with our soft hollowfibre inner pad, making it a durable choice that won’t lose its freshly-plumped look any time soon.

We’ve got coordinating blue, green, mineral and orange versions if you’re completely bewitched by the wiggle – after all, life’s too short to be a straight-edge.

psychedelic jungle indoor/outdoor rug in pink.
Psychedelic Jungle Indoor/Outdoor Rug in Pink

Did you know that looking at a beautiful artwork can increase blood flow to the brain by as much as 10% - the equivalent of locking eyes with someone you love?

If a mood boost is what you’re after, there’s certainly a great case for introducing the masterpiece that is our Psychedelic Jungle Indoor/Outdoor Rug in Pink. The breathtaking printed design charts an eruption of colour and shape, with saturated reds, teals and golds shining through a hot pink exotic vista.


And if the design wasn't enough to make you dizzy with dopamine, you'll be glad to learn that this rug's designed to tag along on all your summer outings. 

Summer is the feelgood season - synonymous with road-trips and adventures under the sun. Our selection of outdoor rugs is specially designed for durability - resistant to stains, water, and UV rays - providing the perfect companion for beach trips, back garden sunbathing or picnics in the park.

lark crinkle cotton throw in cumin.
Lark Crinkle Cotton Throw

What’s your go-to self-care protocol when you have a day that doesn’t go exactly to plan? We’ve all been there.

Whether it’s a job interview where more time is spent shifting and stuttering than selling yourself, a missed bus punctuated by a romcom-style splash from a passing car, or a simply off-kilter day where it becomes hard to believe you’re not being conspired against – we’re all driven to self-sooth from time to time.

For most people, a common theme seems to be the use of soft textures. There’s not much that brings comfort like wrapping ourselves up in a warm blanket or fuzzy throw.

Lark Crinkle Cotton Throw

Enter, the Lark Crinkle Cotton Throw in Cumin. It’s made with 4 dreamily soft layers of 100% cotton muslin fabric, which is then treated to create an irresistibly tactile crinkle effect.

Go with the standard 130 x 180cm size, or choose our oversized 240 x 260cm version for those extra down days where the only cure is to envelop yourself like a giant bedbound burrito. It’s got feathery frayed edges on two sides for a final detail of comfort, and the easy care cleaning means you can spend more time getting cosy.

kindred home fragrance gift set.
Kindred Home Fragrance Set

When it comes to assembling your own dopamine decor, a central idea is to focus on affecting the senses. You might not think it, but perhaps the most powerful of all our senses in swaying our mood is our sense of smell.

Scents that soothed us in childhood can have stress-relieving effects for the entirety of our adult lives, and scents we associated with negative emotions as kids can continue to produce those same feelings for the rest of our lives. Even if we don’t consciously notice a smell in our home, it can still have dramatic effects on our mood and thinking.

Kindred Home Fragrance Set

Our Kindred Home Fragrance Gift Set is one guaranteed way to ensure your home never smells anything less than sublime. The head notes of red berry and pink pepper introduce a masterful balance of sweet and spiced scents, which is continued through the rest of the fragrance profile.

Rose and orris root make for summery heart notes of sweet earthy goodness, and a full-bodied base of patchouli, vanilla and musk round off the perfectly balanced layers. Our home fragrance gift sets offer a better-value bundle deal, giving you a 100ml room spray, a scented room diffuser and a scented candle all in one.

You can get a better idea of the aromas on offer with our introducing… home fragrances blog post – hopefully there’s a nostalgic scent from your childhood that’ll inspire the perfect dopamine-fuelled delight.