Garden ideas to inspire your exterior spaces

Summer is fast approaching, and it is now time to dress your exteriors. No matter your garden size or space, our large collection of soft furnishings caters to all outdoor areas. Add colour and comfort to your sturdy garden furniture whilst adding an element of style that your guests will be envious of. Whether you’re hosting the family’s annual BBQ or relaxing peacefully in the sun, here are our top garden seating ideas to get your outdoor space looking great.


Seat Pads

Brighten up your old patio set with bold, versatile and playful cushioned seat pads. Sold in pairs, our chair pads are a ready filled design that is both stylish and practical. Each cushion pad has a coordinating tie to keep it in place and to prevent it from moving around on your chairs. Our huge collection of plain, geometric, floral, tropical and spotted designs means there is something to suit any garden style.



These seat pads are the perfect choice for smaller patios and balconies that cannot fit larger pieces of furniture. Not only will they brighten the space, but they will also provide comfort for you and your guests.

You can read more about stylish range of seat pads here.


Outdoor Cushions

Say goodbye to faded, damp and ruined soft furnishings with our UV and water-resistant garden cushions. Whether you’re looking to liven up your garden or bask at ease in the sun, these cushions are a great way to add some extra comfort and style to your garden furniture. Designed, printed and manufactured in our UK Staffordshire factory, the quality of our outdoor cushions is unmatched.


Photo credit: @ginandinteriors features Palms and Hawaii Outdoor Cushions paired with Hawaii Outdoor Floor Cushion


Made from water resistant polyester, our outdoor cushions are designed to withstand showers and spills. So whether you water the garden, have the little ones splash in a pool or experience the British weather taking a sudden U-turn, you don’t have to worry about soggy and damp smelling cushions if you leave them outside.

UV rays from the sun can cause outdoor fabrics to break down over time and shorten the lifespan of the material. Our outdoor cushions are made from a UV resistant material so the colours and prints will not fade if left out in the sunshine. By only using a high-quality UV resistant fabric, our outdoor cushions will stay looking beautiful for many summers to come.

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Outdoor Floor Cushions

Save your jeans and whites from troublesome grass stains this year with outdoor floor cushions. Measuring 70 x 70cm, these large floor cushions are the perfect option for picnics and garden activities. Despite their large size, they are made from the same material as our regular outdoor cushions and share their amazing features. Our large garden floor cushions also have a handle on the edge making them easy to carry and transport – perfect for trips to the park or beach.


Photo credit (left to right): @hoppshouse styles Papaya with Folk Flora Floor Cushions | @willowrosecoggins relaxes on Plain Olive Floor Cushions complimented by Plain Olive Outdoor Cushions



Add the finishing touch to your outdoor space. Throws are the perfect accessory for your garden as they are completely versatile. Use them as décor for your garden furniture, a soft blanket for picnics or to cosy up in when catching up with friends and family on those chilly summer nights. 

Throws are also a great garden addition as they can be used on any type of outdoor furniture; their practical uses will suit any type of exterior space. Whether its a large rattan sofa, a set of dining chairs or a stool that sits in your garden, a throw can be draped over any type of feature to add texture, dimension and style.


 Photo Credit: @that_overton_house cosied up in a Jetta Herringbone Throw


Are you ready to transform your garden space for summer?