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Outdoor Floor Cushions

make every spot the perfect seat with garden floor cushions.

Skip the grass stains and bring plush comfort everywhere you go with large outdoor floor cushions. Measuring 70x70cm and woven with durable weather-resistant polyester, they’re ideal for grounding yourself in nature without sacrificing comfort, style or cleanliness! Go for bold block colours, fierce animal prints or soothe yourself with sweet summer florals. Shop the collection.

Our large garden floor cushions come with a nifty carry handle on one corner, for easy portability if you fancy perching at the park or getting cosy by the coastline. Complete with a hidden zip closure for a sleek and seamless look, popping the cover off when it needs a scrub couldn’t be simpler. All our outdoor cushions are available to purchase as cover only, or come prefilled with super soft and durable polyester pads.

Outdoor Floor Cushions


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Whether you’re planning a trip to the beach, a picnic in the park or you just want to lounge in the garden with an icy cocktail in hand – our outdoor floor cushions take the stress out of open-air seating.

Perching on grass, sand or any other outdoor surface is incredibly liberating, but comes with its fair share of dust, dirt and plenty of staining potential. We all know the heartbreak of checking in the mirror after a sunny day out, only to be greeted with a collage of brown and green on our fresh summer clothes – it’s not a mistake you’d like to make twice. Our large garden floor cushions are the perfect solution, providing stress-free outdoor seating that’s plush, comfy and expertly designed with weather-resistant durability.

Not settled on a style? We’ve got tons of plain outdoor floor cushions that’ll give your garden a smart and sophisticated feel. You could go bright and beachy with zesty neon lime and aqua block colours, or embrace something a little more sophisticated with sleek navy and grey. If you’re determined to make your garden a pattern-filled paradise, we’ve got detailed designs of exotic jungle vistas, folky florals and lush summer fruits.

All our outdoor floor cushions are designed to endure the unpredictability that comes with British weather. They’re made with water-resistant polyester fabric, meaning you don’t need to worry about spilled mojitos, random rain showers or getting caught in the crossfire of the kids’ water fight. They’re also resistant to UV rays, so they won’t fade or lose colour if left out in the sun either – ensuring your cushions stay looking their best for many summers to come.

Is your outdoor space lacking that summertime spice? Head over to our inspiration blog for an extensive spread of expert guides and seasonal style tips. Get to know our outdoor cushions and outdoor rugs collections with our introductory guides, or embrace some design inspo with our tips for styling your outdoor sofa and bringing the boho festival feel home.

how to choose outdoor floor cushions.

Choosing the right outdoor floor cushions for you very much depends on your individual tastes and the look you’re trying to create.

If you’re more of a minimalist and like a simple, unfussy look – try one of our plain designs in restful shades like black, navy or earthy olive green. Not only will they fit beautifully with just about any outdoor decor scheme, but they’ll also lend a superbly soothing feel that’s not too harsh or domineering.

For those on the opposite end of the style spectrum who wish to unleash their wilder side, we’ve got plenty of punchy patterns and dazzling hues that’ll transform your garden into a lush tropical paradise.

how to clean outdoor floor cushions.

As you can imagine, any type of cushion that’s designed for outdoor use is bound to get dirty from time to time. We’ve already got a detailed guide on how to clean outdoor cushions over on our inspiration blog, but keep reading for a crash-course onf the key points.

Start out carefully reading the instructions on your product’s care label. Due to their stain and water-resistant polyester fabric, our outdoor floor cushions can be easily spot cleaned, so don’t stress about mud, dirt or food getting on the cover. If you’re just dealing with surface level dirt, dust or pet hair, a quick run under the vacuum should be enough to get your cushion looking spotless.

Accidents happen, so it’s possible that you’ll end up with deep stains that can’t be solved with a quick spot clean. For tougher stains, we recommend removing the cover of your garden floor cushion and thoroughly cleaning it with a solution of mild detergent (20%) and warm water (80%). Don’t forget to spot test your cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area, and wait to ensure no damage has been caused.