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get the look: royalcore decor.

A royalcore style bedroom, with a white ornate French-style bedframe, lots of plush cushions and a vase of white flowers.

French Chateaus. Fairytale Princesses. Romantic Endings. 

Whether it’s Bridgerton, The Crown or the Coronation that’s got your heart aflutter for opulent and ornate décor – there’s no denying that royalcore décor is a look. Born on social media (mainly TikTok) royalcore is all about romanticizing your life and living your own personal fairytale. We’re talking historical European royalty –  from Marie Antoinette (1700s) through to the Regency period (early 1800s). Think corsets, princess hair and pointy, diamond encrusted shoes. 

the royalcore aesthetic for your home.

When it comes to your home, royalcore takes it up a notch. You need whimsical florals, gold accents and over-the-top ornate luxury. It’s ultra feminine, with lots of blush pinks, duck egg blue and cotton whites. 

What’s not to love? Only the price tag! Which is why we’ve pulled together our best tips and tricks for creating a royally good space without having to marry a prince.

a woman in a pink tulle gown, hair piled on top of her head and pearl jewellery lies propped on her elbows on a white picnic blanket as she chooses which exquisite pastry she might eat next. an ornate room that might look at home in the palace of Versailles. gold ornate chairs, lots of panelling, crowning and plaster work. there's a big rug and a gold chandelier too.
Pexels | Unsplash

floral, heritage patterns.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to add a nod of royalcore to your décor is through pattern. Pattern can be seen in soft furnishings like cushions, curtains and bedding – so easy to swap out on a whimsy. Create regal vibes by swapping out plain and dull bedding with small, ditsy floral patterns and heritage prints.


a cushion with tassels at each corner, with a symmetrical swan design surrounded by flowers and vines on the front.

tassels heritage cushion.

The perfect cushion for any princess' bedroom - the tassels, the swans, the flowers, oh my!

Shop the Tassels Heritage Cushion - from £22.

a pink bedroom with a romantic, ornate, metal bed frame. The bedding on the bed is pink and mint green floral pattern.

malory duvet cover set.

Evoke lazy, hazy days on your countryside estate with floral bedding from heritage designers Edinburgh Weavers. 

Shop the Malory Duvet Cover Set - from £98

an outdoor cushion with a flourish-like leafy green pattern rendered as tiles.

minton tiles outdoor cushion.

Outdoor space getting the royal treatment too? Go for swirling ornate leaves that add an air of elegance.

Shop the Minton Tiles Outdoor Cushion in Olive - from £22

plush, luxurious fabrics.

Lavishing in luxury means that the feel of your home has to be as opulent as the way it looks. Think plush velvets and rich faux furs, but don’t forget that whimsical vibe too – so light and airy fabrics like muslin, linen and sateen too.  

a pair of pink crushed velvet eyelet curtains open at a window with an anglepoise lamp in front of it.

verona crushed velvet curtains.

Is there anything more opulent than crushed velvet curtains? Plush, shimmery and utterly gorgeous. 

Shop the Verona Crushed Velvet Curtains - from £58

lark cushion.

Fancy something a little lighter? This Lark cushion in white has that perfect summer-in-the-country royalty feel.

Shop the Lark Muslin Crinkle Cotton Cushion in White - from £15

a dramatic bedroom with dark walls and blush pink bedding with a quilted velvet pattern.

palmeria duvet cover set.

If it’s a French Chateau you’re manifesting, this quilted velvet duvet cover set is the next best thing. 

Shop Palmeria Quilted Velvet Duvet Cover Set in Blush - from £70

gold, gold, gold.

Whether you want to go all in to the royalcore décor aesthetic or you just want to dip your toe, your blush pink florals and airy cotton muslins need to be paired with the most opulent of all the metals, gold.  


a gold mirror with a metal flower effect frame.

antheia mirror.

Fun, feminine, and most importantly, gold! This mirror has everything you need to turn a princess look out.

Shop the Antheia Mirror in Antique Gold - £150

a geometric pattern cut velvet cushion in gold.

evoke cushion. 

Can’t get enough gold? Then layer it on through your soft furnishings too like with this cute velvet beauty.

Shop the Evoke Cut Velvet Cushion in Gold - from £10

a gold side table in a twisted hourglass shape and a glass top.

cadence side table.

A classic hourglass shape, but with a twist – literally. It’s elegance incarnate, perfect for a contemporary take on royalcore. 

Shop the Cadence Side Table in Gold - £129