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15 ways to add a little romance to your bedroom.

a pile of cushions in red, pink and beige tones.

turn your bedroom into an intimate retreat with these romantic bedroom ideas.

Your bedroom is a multi-purpose space. Not only is it where you sleep, but it’s also where you get ready, where you store clothes and where you read or maybe watch TV. It might even be where you study. With that being said, it can begin to lose that sense of romance sometimes. But with a bit of planning and a few updates, you can create an intimate space that you love this Valentine's Day, whether you share your bedroom or not.  

add ambience with candle light.
pile of cushions in different berry and beige colours

Creating a romantic bedroom is all about getting the senses going. If you're looking for a love-filled mood, there’s nothing better than a candle or two (or more!) to add that gently flickering, cosy ambience to your bedroom. You can indulge another of your senses with candles too – scent. Look for ones with notes of rose, jasmine or florals, like our home fragrance range.

dress your bed.
bed with rust quilted palmeria duvet set on

In any bedroom, the bed is the main attraction, but when you’re adding in a little romance? It has to be the star! Think fluffy pillows, a sumptuously soft duvet and some beautiful sheets. Try light pink, classic white or even a raunchy red. Don’t forget to layer up with throws and cushions. Crafting a luscious bedcape has never been easier, with our gorgeous cushions and throws designed to dazzle in stunning shades of blush, fuchsia, berry and clay.

Cushions are not only the ideal addition to create your own intimate space, but also make the perfect present for a loved one

layer on the texture.
a bed layered up with boucle cushions, linen bedding and knitted throws, all in neutral colours.
credit: @its_all_about_the_house

Create an intimate atmosphere with touch – whether you love a faux fur cushion or you prefer a waffle texture throw, there are lots of beautiful textures to choose from, including stunning boucle and lush velvet. Layering textures creates a cosy and warm feel, especially important during the colder months of the year. Pick the ones that appeal to you the most, this is your space after all.

set the scene with blush pink.
pile of cushions in different berry and beige colours

Pink is the colour of love, so what better hue to choose for a romantic bedroom? Sweet shades of candy pink or soft blush are the perfect shades for a classically intimate bedroom, and it certainly doesn't have to be Barbie-esque to hit the pink memo. Berry hues and beiges blend seamlessly, creating a romantic bedroom through home decor. Add it in with pink cushions and bedding, or go all in and paint the walls in a pink you love.

create a cosy glow.
furn wildling candle next to fruit

The big light does not create a romantic mood. So along with your scented candles, you need table lamps and floor lamps to add a soft glow to your bedroom. Layered lighting means that you can get cosy with a partner or travel to faraway places in a book.

use velvet.
A quilted velvet bedspread in blush pink on a metal frame bed. There's panelling on the wall and it's painted teal.
credit: @becs_bakers_abode

Turn your bedroom into a sensuous sanctuary away from the rest of your home with soft, lavish velvet. Historically, velvet has always been a symbol of luxury, making it a fantastic feature to have in your interior. Use it on your curtains or in decorative velvet cushions, even your bedding. Our quilted velvet bedding Palmeria in blush is the perfect romantic option.

cocoon yourself.
blush thermal curtain material

Creating a private retreat for you and/or a loved is key to relaxation and romance. Make sure your bedroom window is kitted out with blackout blinds or curtains to cocoon yourselves and make it feel like there’s only the two of you in the whole wide world. Blackout blinds not only block out the outside world, but they're also great for improving sleep quality and retaining heat, making them a must-have for all bedrooms.

use moody colours.
bed with deep navy blue quilted duvet set on

While blush and rosy pinks are traditionally romantic, they don't suit everyone. If dark and moody colours makes a space feel intimate for you, then why not paint a wall black, navy or gray purple? Deep, rich hues are known to excite, often creating a space that feels sultry and intimate. Unique cushions and throws in moody tones can create new dimensions to your boudoir - along with layers of textures and ambient lighting, it’ll be hard to resist.

paint the town red.
a romantic bedroom with a modern four poster bed and stylish red bed sheets

A colour often associated with passion, red is warm and atmospheric. Whether you choose it as an accent colour or your main one, there are lots of ways to use it. Pair with white for a traditional take on romance, or with pink for a fun, youthful feel. The head-turning hue isn't so heavily associated with love for no reason - it was one of the earliest colours used by artists during the prehistoric period and has remained engraved in our history ever since.

go French.
hebden duvet set with two pillowcases and bedsheet

France is the country of love, so why not bring it into your bedroom? A romantic French bedroom has soft hues, refined patterns and crisp white bedding. Add a little ornamentation through antique-style mirrors and accessories, experimenting with Parisian style is a must for intimate bedroom decor.

remove clutter.
neutral bed spread with boucle bedding and a bedside table next to it

Is there anything less romantic than spotting the pile of washing out of the corner of your eye? Keep your bedroom feeling cosy by making sure that all traces of clutter and chores are banished. De-cluttering your bedroom could mean throwing out some less-than-needed belongings, organising your room using storage boxes or just a quick freshen up; if your bedroom is looking a tad overwhelming, you might want to take a page out of the minimalist home style book. You could even remove all screens to keep the focus on each other completely, turning to card games or reading instead of telly as you wind down.

create a romantic feature wall.
a romantic bedroom with a pink exotic pattern wallpaper feature wall, with monkeys and leopards and more.

Really amp up the romance with a bedroom feature wall. We’re talking pink and red hues, floral motifs and bird patterns. You even could go for tactile texture and opt for something embossed. Our beautiful feature wallpapers are designed in the UK by our talented team and are bound to add a touch of luxe to any space.

flourish with flowers.
floral duvet set saffa with vase holding pampas grass

Pretty flowers have been associated with romance since the ancient Greek and Roman times. Choose blooms like red roses, tulips or chrysanthemums for the perfect bedside table flower bouquets or on-trend fluffy pampas grass that adds romance without colour. Or, if you'd rather your blossoms last a while longer, you can opt for floral designs on cushions, bedding and even wallpaper.

escape to the tropics.
palm printed cushion on top of palm tree printed duvet set in bed

Forget grey days, evoke that holiday feeling instead. Think leafy prints, exotic animals and lots of greenery, transporting you to a Balinese jungle or any other tropical retreat. Take a look at our blog post on 5 ways to create a tropical paradise at home for more inspiration on how to bring our your wilder side.

make a statement with your bed.
pile of cushions in different berry and beige colours

Be dramatic and invest in your bed. Make it super romantic with a four poster style frame, a luxurious upholstered headboard or even just add a canopy to your existing one to add a cocoon-like feel to your bedroom. Choosing quality bedding will undoubtedly create a romantic bedroom not only by looking great, but also by feeling great. Sticking to 100% cotton duvet sets will ensure the material is as breathable and soft as possible. Don't shy away from pattern and print when it comes to your bedding - there are plenty of designs to suit each style, from maximalism show-stopping bed spreads to calming, minimalist sets.

Still not sold on how to create a romantic bedroom? Our Valentine's collection not only includes the perfect gifts for a loved one that enjoys investing in their interiors, but also plenty of home decor in lush hues that are ideal for spicing things up. Take your interior to the next level with fiery red tones, or remain sweet and gentle with blush pinks and beiges. Remember, "traditionally romantic" colours may not be for everyone, so if you'd rather experiment with deeper tones, explore our full range of soft furnishings today.