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granny chic décor: how to get the look.

A granny chic style bedroom. The headboard, bedding, curtains and walls are all different patterns, clashing but complementary.

we’re going to grandma’s house.

Think quintessential granny. Her house – full of treasures and things to be discovered, where you’re constantly fed with delicious treats and you get big hugs and pound coins sellotaped to the card on your birthday – why wouldn’t you want to bring this feeling into your own home?

Granny chic, or grandmillennial décor, is an aesthetic that’s been around for a little while now ("grandmillennial" was first coined by House Beautiful in 2019) and it's only getting more and more popular. It might be the sense of nostalgia and cosiness that appeals to millennials and young people (especially with the state of the world as it is!) and recreating that grandma's house feel at home is an act of self-soothing. 

Sound like a bit of you? This post will look at what exactly granny chic is and how to achieve the look in your own home.

what is granny chic decor?

Granny chic is an interiors trend that gives your grandma’s house a modern twist. We’re talking vintage florals, chintz and second-hand finds but put together with a more contemporary way. It’s characterised by a focus on cosiness, comfort and muted colours.

how to achieve granny chic decor in your home
A country take on granny chic decor, with floral curtains, a bee-themed bedding and soft pastel colours.

start with walls and floors

Like with any good interior scheme, starting with the biggest things in the room makes sense. i.e. the walls and floors. There are lots of routes you can go down with a granny inspired room, as it’s (perhaps surprisingly) a quite versatile trend. It all depends on your taste.

For a country cottage vibe, go for an natural oatmeal or dusty pink colour for your walls. It’ll give the space that warm hug vibe. If you’re looking for something more impactful, decorate with floral or chintzy wallpaper for an instant granny-chic look.

incorporate vintage or antique pieces

The furniture in your space should have a vintage or antique feel, whether that’s a hand-turned wooden bed side table or an heirloom display cabinet. Give it a modern twist with a lick of paint or fun, modern décor pieces.

mix and match patterns and textures

One of the biggest things you can add into a space for an instant granny chic feel is pattern and texture. Florals are a must, must, must for any grandmillennial room. More than one floral pattern is peak granny. Layer small, illustrative flowers with bigger more graphic ones for a cool take on a granny-inspired motif. Layer in lace, homemade crochet blankets and fringing and you’ve got yourself a warm hug in room form.

accessorize with vintage-inspired décor

Think old adverts, vintage tins or fun tea pots. Things like pleated lampshades, botanical prints and quirky cross stitch or embroidery only add to the granny chic feel.

Reclaim rattan too – it used to be that a full set of ornate cane lounge set was in every granny’s conservatory (paired with lumpy tropical print seat pads) – but now we can add nods through modern rattan mirrors or peeks of it in cabinets.

our top granny chic picks from
A bed with a ditsy floral pattern on it, with an ochre version on the reverse. The headboard is rattan.

Ditsy Floral Duvet Cover Set

If it’s 70s florals you’re after, this ditsy print will make your dreams come true. With an array of different flower illustrations, its definitely giving major grandma vibes. The reverse is the same print but in varying shades of yellow and ochre – pair with brown cushions for a 70’s moment.

Shop Ditsy Duvet Cover Set - from £20.75

Floral wallpaper with a pink background.

Azalea Wallpaper

A modern floral pattern, the Azalea print is nevertheless perfect for a chic granny-inspired room. It’ll add instant joy to any space, and the fact that it’s paste the wall wallpaper makes it all the more instant – it’s super easy to apply.

Shop Azalea Wallpaper - £22 a roll

a cushion with a floral print on it featuring wildflowers you might find in a meadow.

Wild Flowers Cushion

With gorgeous hand-painted wild flowers on a linen-look background, this is just the sort of cushion that your nan might have in her conservatory. The bright colours makes it perfect for a more maximalist grandma core space.

Shop Wild Flowers Cushion - from £13

a set of floral curtains at the window, featuring a white background and pink flowers.

Peony Pencil Pleat Curtains

Looking for instant impact? Swapping out your curtains is the perfect solution. Pair with floral wallpaper or a similar floral cushion and you’ll have nailed the look. The traditional pencil pleat heading adds to the granny chic vibe too!

Shop Peony Pencil Pleat Curtains - from £30.25

a knitted throw in blush pink. it has a loose knit and fringing

Jocelyn Throw

In soft pink and a chunky knit, no cosy granny-inspired space is complete without one of these. Perfect for layering over the back of the chair, ready to pull on over your shoulders at a moment’s notice.

Shop Jocelyn Throw - £43

a draught excluder with a busy pattern of stags and florals

Stag Draught Excluder

Is there anything that epitomises granny chic than a patterned draught excluder? Perfect for making sure your room is super cosy, but can just as easily double as a long pillow for the bed too – we love a multifunctional piece!

Shop Stag Draught Excluder - from £20


header image credit: @ourlayeredhome