What is the enduring appeal of florals?

Flowers have a wonderful way of brightening up our homes. Whether it's through a beautiful bunch of flowers someone has given you, or having floral home decor such as wallpaper, duvet cover set or cushions. There is no denying that floral patterns are an incredibly popular choice in fashion and interiors. But this leaves us wondering.. what is the enduring appeal of florals and will they ever go out of style?

Why do we like flowers?

In short, us humans like flowers because they are beautiful and we are attracted to them, just like the bees. It is the colour, shape and fragrance of flowers that attracts us to their beauty. Did you know that in the world there are over 400,000 different flowering plants? - That is a lot of different flowers. Without flowers, plants would merely be green and the world would be a duller place.

Evolution is also thought to be one of the main reasons why we are subconsciously attracted to flowers. The beautiful blooms have been an important indicator throughout human evolution that food is either present, nearby or on its way.

Why are ‘floral’ patterns so popular?
Florals have been used in interiors consistently since the 1950s. With people using florals in their home for over 60 years, it’s got us wondering why people love floral patterns so much.

Flowers evoke emotions.
It’s thought that flowers have a long-term positive effect on moods. One of the reasons that flowers evoke emotions could be through colour as they are naturally colourful. If flowers and colour can boost your emotions, why wouldn’t you want to have florals in your home?

Florals are easy.
Inspiration from floral patterns has come directly from flowers themselves. Which means that the shapes and colours used within the designs are often realistic. Soft and natural lines and colours means that florals are a super easy way to introduce pattern into your home, perfect for people who are less confident.

Why are florals always on trend?
We can safely say the style of the floral pattern design has changed drastically through the years. Each season within fashion and interiors, the floral pattern is reinvented inline with any colours or style that are on trend. Reinventing the floral pattern season after season keeps the floral pattern fresh and exciting.

How can I introduce the floral pattern into my home?
Florals are a great way to introduce colour and pattern tastefully into your home, regardless of how brave you are when it comes to interior design. There are so many different ways to introduce floral patterns to your home, so let us take you through a few options.

Flowers/ plants
A super easy way to bring florals into your home is by having the physical plants and flowers. Depending on what flowers are in season, it’s a gorgeous way to introduce colour, texture and a gorgeous natural scent into your home. The only thing to bear in mind is that they don’t last forever!

Photo credit @halfpaintedhouse (Product features: Paradise cushion)

Floral accessories
Home accessories and soft furnishings are a super easy and non permanent way to include floral patterns to your home, perfect if you love the idea but aren’t ready to commit just yet. It’s also one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to add floral flair to your interior space. Whether you think you’d like a bold blooms duvet cover set, or simplistic floral cushions to go with your existing decor, you won’t regret using delicate floral patterns in your home interiors. The floral accessories don’t have to stop there, you could also consider curtains or blinds, rugs or even flowery art!

Photo credit @ohmyedwardian (Product featured Lorelei Floral Bloom duvet cover set)

A more permanent way to include florals to your home is to choose a floral wallpaper or to paint a floral mural, depending on how creative you are with a paint brush. A feature wall of floral can instantly create a focal point to a room.

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