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introducing... HÖEM: minimalism meets abstract art.

multicoloured meta abstract bedding with matching pillowcases, sitting on a bed with ornamental vases on a side table in the background.

Dreamy swirls. Rich earthy tones. Minimalism just got a whole lot more interesting.

Just about everyone likes a bit of minimalism in their home. The idea of clear spaces, clean edges and uncluttered surfaces has a universal appeal, and acts as a breath of fresh air for many. Yet the question keeps popping up: in prioritising simplicity, have we lost our style?

Enter HÖEM, the ideal middle ground. With this brand, we’re daring to dream that minimalism doesn’t have to be all lifeless monochromes, porcelain stoneware and washed marble surfaces. It can be warm, earthy, expressive and artistic – and the more we think about it, why would anyone want minimalism any other way?

From collaging geometrics to striking sawtooth lines, bobbly bouclé throws and psychedelic waves – HÖEM reimagines the minimalist space through the allure of abstract art. Expect surreal signature designs, captivating textures and our usual world-class quality – all grounded in a mellowing earthen palette.

the bedding.
an olive green duvet cover set with a linear leaf pattern, dressed on a bed with a table lamp and a potted plant on a side table in the background. a chestnut red duvet cover set on a bed with a potted plant in a vase in the background.

Our HÖEM bedding is the perfect way to kick your minimalist space up a few notches. It’s all made from soft cotton-rich fabric, is easily cleaned and dries quickly – for serene comfort, style and convenience all in one. Each set is also OEKO-TEX® certified for sustainable manufacturing (just in case you needed one more reason to shop with us).

A swirling sand dune abstract patterned duvet cover set in a beige shell shade, dressed on a bed with coordinating beige and deep blue cushions. There is a side table with a potted plant and various ornaments next to the bed, and a series of ornaments lying on the floor in the foreground.

Our Dunes Abstract Cotton Rich Reversible Duvet Cover Set in Shell offers a sleek modern classic design that tests the limits of what we call minimalism. The intricately swirled abstract lines capture the organic movement of drifting desert dunes, lending a sense of fluidity that’s refreshingly energetic.

The dusted shell shade brings an earthy sense of comfort to the set, which can be flipped to reveal an inverted colourway that’s a touch brighter. Check out our matching cushion and an outdoor rug made from 100% recycled plastic – because this is one design you won’t want to keep behind closed doors.

meta geometric abstract bedding dressed on a bed with a coordinating olive green velvet cushion. There is a side table with a potted plant and vase to the right, and framed wall art to the left.

Calling all fans of colourful geometrics, spacey abstraction and the art of Piet Mondrian – our Meta Abstract Cotton Rich Duvet Cover Set in Multicolour awaits. Pushing the boundaries of what we call minimalism once again, this signature design brings an explosion of colour, shape and energy that’s hard to place in any one stylistic box.

Floating splotches, dramatic strokes and ambiguous shapes litter the design with a set of muted colours. Rich blood red, blush pink, deep forest green, dusty gold and pale cerulean blue achieve perfect harmony in this busy colour scheme. Our Meta Abstract Cotton Rich Duvet Cover Set in Dusk offers a matching monochrome option if you love the design but fancy a calmer take.

honey yellow bedding with an abstract crimped line pattern in white, dressed on a bed with a matching off-white velvet cushion. There is a floor lamp to the right and a potted plant and ceramic ornaments on a side table to the left.

Looking for something with a bit more of an edge? Our Zabine Abstract Cotton Rich Reversible Duvet Cover Set in Honey might just be your perfect match. The crimped ribbon patterning bolts across the warm honey base with visceral energy, creating a sense of movement that will shake any tired space to life.

The reverse design features a slightly scaled down pattern and inverted colour scheme – ideal for when you feel like brightening things up or embracing the neutral palette.

the cushions.

Whether you’re looking to dress up your bed, add a soft touch to your sofa or simply want somewhere cosy to rest your head – our HÖEM cushions offer the ideal solution. Choose from our quality selection of filling options – from durable polyester to plush duck feathers – or buy your cover separately and fill yourself.

a plaster pink velvet cushion with an abstract circle 3D design, sitting on a textured cream chair with a coordinating nougat cushion.

A daring design that feels equally at home in minimalist and maximalist schemes, our Lanzo Cut Velvet Piped Cushion in Plaster Pink is the epitome of a crowd-pleaser.

The bubble-effect splotches are made with a mix of dark and light cut velvet, neatly contrasting to create an immersive three-dimensional effect.

a bronze velvet cushion with an abstract cracked glass pattern sitting on white couch.

Mad for the mosaic look? You’ll love our Malans Cut Velvet Piped Cushion in Bronze.

It’s made with gently cut velvet, sliced for a subtle cracked glass effect that’s bursting with visual intrigue. A plain velvet reverse and piped trim ensure things stay casually minimalist, and the slick bronze colourway feels snugly grounded.

a nougat beige cushion with an abstract wavy line pattern in gold, sitting on a textured beige armchair.

Captivating, clean and effortlessly chic – it’s safe to say our Elise Geometric Cushion in Nougat has a lot going for her.

Off-white nougat makes for a classic minimalist base tone, while abstract lines in regal gold draw the eye with ease. The overall look is effortlessly elegant, and the sparse colour scheme makes coordinating this cushion a breeze.

the throws.
three woven bouclé yarn throws in feather, natural and plaster shades, piled on top of each other on a beige textured sofa. four woven yarn throws in dusk, olive, hazel and chestnut shades on an off-white textured sofa. Three are folded up in a pile, and one is folded and draped off the front of the sofa.

Consolingly cosy, gloriously textured and straight-up stylish – our HÖEM throws are the ultimate staple for those who aspire to bug-levels of snugness. Expect feathery frayed fringes, tasteful bouclé stripes and woven yarn blends that feel like a gift from gran.

a willow green morni throw with tassel fringing on two edges, folded and hanging slightly off the front of a white textured sofa.

Weak at the knees for the woven look? Looks like our Morni Woven Fringed Throw in Willow might be right up your street.

The cotton-rich fabric brings comfort you won’t be able to resist wrapping yourself up in, and the deep green willow hue offers a stunning earthy touch. Luxurious tassel fringing on each end makes for flawless embellishment, keeping you toasty and firmly on-trend in every season.

a neutral feather coloured woven bouclé yarn throw with soft textural fringing on two edges, folded and draped over the back of a white textured sofa.

If you’re in search of something elegant and ornate to drape over your sofa or bed, look no further than The Arvo Woven Tasselled Throw in Feather.

Intricate strands of vertical bouclé yarn gracefully trail the length of the fabric, while sumptuously textured fringing brings a refined finishing touch.

a navy and off-white natural woven through patterned with linear bouclé yarn detailing, draped over the wooden arm of a white textured sofa.

The ideal pattern to bring some character to your minimalist bed or living room, stripes provide an instant hit of drama.

Our Jour Woven Fringed Throw in Natural manages to keep things cool and understated, with soft bouclé details making up the pattern. The monochrome contrast is a dream to look at, and fringed trims on every edge make this throw the quintessential relaxed accessory.