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Crushed Velvet Cushions

take a shine to sumptuous softness.

Irresistibly soft, gloriously glossy and one of the most distinctive looking fabrics in existence – it’s about time you introduced crushed velvet cushions to your decor. Explore a selection of sheening silver and gold jewel tones, complemented with muted blush and oyster options that don’t let up on lustre. Shop the collection.

Crushed velvet is made by twisting or pressing velvet in different directions while it’s wet. This gives our crushed velvet cushions their signature crumpled look, with textured surfaces that rise and fall naturally as a result of the fabric treatment. Our crushed velvet cushion covers can be bought separately, or come pre-filled with our durable polyester or plush duck feather pads.

Crushed Velvet Cushions

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Our exquisite collection of crushed velvet cushions offers the perfect way to inject your space with a healthy dose of opulence. Explore a wide scope of lustrous shades, from jewel-toned teal, navy, emerald and ochre to softer neutral and blush pink options.

You can order crushed velvet cushion covers with our quality pre-filling of hard-wearing polyester or luxurious duck feathers. If you’ve already got an inner pad and fancy trying your hand at filling, you can also order your cushion cover separately.

Make sure to read through our cushion sizing guide and cushion filling guide for a full rundown of everything you need to know about sizing, filling and buying your crushed velvet cushions.

why go for crushed velvet cushions?

The fabric of choice for ‘70s celebrities in chase of the ‘far out’ look, velvet has long been a popular material for both clothing and upholstery. Crushed velvet shines a light on the very best parts of the fabric, upping the lustre and enriching the smooth texture for a premium finish that radiates luxury.

Our refined selection of crushed velvet cushions provides the perfect touch of opulence and sheen for the luxury-styled home. Whether you’re looking to build a premium aesthetic down to the finest details, or simply want to introduce a subtle touch of glossy drama – our collection’s got just the thing.

The benefits of velvet don’t just stop at its looks, by the way. While our crushed velvet cushions are irresistibly soft, they’re also impressively durable and will last years if cared for correctly. Its unique stretchy quality means that crushed velvet is even more hard-wearing than most velvet fabrics – so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality for style.

Many of our crushed velvet cushion covers are safe for machine washing and ironing. However, every cushion is different and needs specific care to stay fresh and plump – so always make sure to read the label on your cushion for specific cleaning instructions.

how to style crushed velvet cushions.

Whether you’re going for an all-out opulent look that’s dripping in fine fabrics, or simply want to bring a pop of warmth and texture to your casual decor – you really can’t go wrong with a crushed velvet cushion. While velvet evokes luxury, decadence and all the finer things in life – it’s also one of the best fabrics for carrying colour, and makes a real statement in any decor scheme.

For a five-star bedroom that’ll have you feeling impossibly cosy and snug, layer crushed velvet cushions on a velvet bedspread, and round out the look with glossy velvet curtains. The toasty fabric properties work like a charm if you tend to feel chilly at night, and the look is one of outright luxury.

For a more contemporary look that’s a bit on the quirkier side, try pairing your crushed velvet cushions with contrasting fabrics and finishes. The mix of textures will create tons of visual interest, and cause your space to feel full and well-rounded. Couple with jute cushions and a woven throw for a rustic look with luxury details, or combine with textured wallpaper and a faux fur throw to up the luxe while bringing textural depth.