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Velvet Bedspreads

spread slumberous style far + wide with our velvet bedspreads.

Elegant, expansive and a must-have in any luxury bedroom – velvet bedspreads are the epitome of opulent style. Swathe yourself in the finest of quilted velvet designs, from linen-bordered velvet to chic diamond stitching embellished with diamante sequins. Keep it sleek with polished greys and blacks, or brighten your bedroom with a glistening jewel tone. Shop the collection.

Fancy a swish of elegance, a toasty extra layer or a light blanket to use through summer? Look no further than our luxurious range of velvet quilted bedspreads. Designed to be spread over your duvet cover for a finishing touch of colour and texture – our bedspreads are perfect for rounding off your bedding with a showstopping layer of style.

Velvet Bedspreads

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If you’re in search of a sweeping, glamorous touch of style for your bedroom, you’ll find a match made in heaven with our velvet quilted bedspread collection. From jacquard designs in glistening gold to linen-bordered velvet and crystal-encrusted finishes – we’re bringing luxury bedroom decor to shining new heights.

Our velvet bedspreads bring the perfect finishing touch, but don’t forget to check out the rest of our bedding to snag yourself the full package. From sumptuously soft bed sheets to snuggle-worthy duvet sets, bed throws, cushions and more – we’ve got everything needed to craft your dream sleep sanctuary.

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what is a velvet quilted bedspread?

A velvet quilted bedspread is a decorative bed covering that’s made by sandwiching and stitching together several layers of fabric, at least one of which is velvet. They’re typically made from three layers of fabric packed together – a top layer, a middle layer of ‘wadding’ or ’batting’, and a bottom layer. Once combined, the layers of fabric are stitched together, often in a diamond, square or otherwise geometric pattern.

Quilted fabrics have been around since medieval times, providing added warmth, durability and a stylishly stitched finish all in one. The middle layer of wadding is usually made from loose cotton or polyester fibres, providing a snug layer of insulation that’s perfect for the winter months. This wadding layer is then sandwiched between two layers of woven fabric – a top layer that determines the final aesthetic, and a bottom layer typically made from soft-feel fabrics like cotton, silk or a synthetic alternative.

Our quilted velvet bedspreads are the ideal finishing touch for your luxury bedroom aesthetic, offering an elegant touch of style that doubles as a cosy layer of insulation on chillier nights. Their extravagantly large size is intended to cover the entirety of a bed (ours cover most UK sizes) while draping over the sides for an added touch of luxury. Once summer comes around, you can combine your bedspread with a flat sheet for a lightweight alternative to sleeping with a quilt.