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Jungle Bedding

take a walk on the wild side with jungle bedding.

Discover our range of jungle bedding sets. Let your adventurous side take you to a tropical paradise, deep into a forest or to explore the safari plains. We have a wide range of leaves, trees and ferocious friends in various colourways to suit any style. Shop the collection.Offering contemporary and luxury looks, our jungle bedding features a wide range of materials. Whether you prefer soft cotton percale, lush velvet or stunning printed patterns, we have a bedding set to suit your style. Add another layer of comfort and luxury with extra pillowcases and pillow shams to match your duvet cover set.

Jungle Bedding


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Your bedroom should be your retreat from the outside world, a place where only you and your comfort should matter – and if a jungle is where you feel at your most calm then have we got a treat for you! 

Our jungle bedding will turn you into a renowned traveller, introducing you to all parts of the world. Take a trip to the Amazon Rainforest for the colourful plants and parrots, get cheeky with some monkey friends, or simply relax under Malaysian palm trees.

To really capture the jungle feel – shop our jungle wallpaper too!

how to choose from our jungle bedding.

With our range of jungle bedding including a diverse colour palette and a variety of styles, choosing the right one for you has never been easier. 

Dark green and rich blue are obvious options amongst our jungle themed bedding. Pairing well with lighter wood, pinks and of course plants, these jungle print beddings are perfect for capturing the deepest of forests.

Of course, if your dream jungle involves more vibrant colours to represent all the weird and wonderful flora and fauna, we have a variety of bedding for you too. Oranges, pinks, and yellows are incorporated into our designs to brighten up your room whilst still achieving an enchanted feel.

For smaller rooms, or if your room doesn’t get much natural light, browse our jungle bedding sets with lighter backgrounds or smaller prints to create the illusion of a bigger space. This will also give you the option to pair with lighter colours, such as pastel greens and pinks, for a more Mediterranean feel.

To achieve maximum luxury, browse our velvet jungle themed bedding. Start your morning enveloped in soft, luscious bedding and end your day snuggling back into your very own cocoon (Warning: you may not want to leave!). 

To complete the look, decorate your bed with matching pillow shams and pillowcases. Layering your bedding will create not only depth but will elevate your comfort whilst helping you stay ‘in theme’ – and who doesn’t love that! 

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