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Kids Duvet Cover sets

cute + cosy duvet sets for kids!

Bring out your little one’s personality with a selection of fun themed kids duvet cover sets. Whether its woodland animals, mermaids, unicorns or furry llamas, they will be endlessly entertained. As you only want the best for your tot, discover natural hypoallergenic materials such as soft 100% cotton that will be kind to their skin. Shop the collection. Let your child’s imagination come to life! Browse coordinating curtains, cushions and soft plush toys to complete the overall look of their room.

Kids Duvet Cover sets

kids duvet sets at

Explore sweet designs and add character to your child’s space to help them grow and develop whilst having fun. Our collection of kids duvet sets are practical and durable as they feature button closures for ease of removal.

how long are kids in a toddler bed.

Realising your baby has suddenly become a toddler overnight can be quite daunting especially when it’s time to move them into a toddler bed. Typically, toddlers are moved into their own bed between the age of 12 months to 4-years-old. However, as each child is different it is completely understandable for their guardians to decide when they are ready to take the leap.

Be at ease knowing our soft and breathable kid’s duvet sets will keep them safe and sound at night. Discover 100% cotton in our range of kids duvet sets. Cotton is known as a naturally hypoallergenic fabric that will be kind to your little one's skin. 

how often should you wash kids duvet sets.

It’s bound to happen...chocolate smudges, finger painted sheets and accidents in the night. For these reasons, our durable kids duvet sets are machine washable and iron safe meaning you can quickly throw them in the wash without a worry.

If your little one manages to avoid any accidents for some time and you’re wondering how often you should change their sheets, we recommend at least once every week. All bedding accumulates dust, skin cells and dirt over time no matter how clean you or your child may be. A fresh duvet set will help your tot fall asleep in no time!

how to get kids to sleep in their own bed.

We know it’s hard creating a bedtime routine for your toddler, let alone sticking to one. Avoid the tears and tantrums by making bedtime fun with patterned and printed duvet sets that has them excited to go to sleep. After reading a quick story book with toy friends, your child will feel comfortable, relaxed and ready to settle down for the night.