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Oxford Pillowcases

surround yourself in sleeping bliss with oxford pillowcases.

Our oxford pillowcases are the ultimate solution for bringing your bed to new levels of luxury. Embellished with thick, elegant fabric borders – you’ve never known sleeping splendour quite like this. Embrace the drama with a bright floral design, or keep it sleek with percale and Egyptian cotton in a range of neutral and muted hues. Shop the collection.

Whether you’re a connoisseur of bedroom comfort, or can’t resist a touch of upscale style, we’re sure you’ll find something to love in our selection of oxford pillows. From the finest 200 thread count percale to premium Egyptian cotton that sets the standard for cosy sleeping – cross the border into a whole new world of sumptuous bedding style.

Oxford Pillowcases


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Designed with a thick fabric border, usually extending 5-10cm outwards, oxford pillowcases are the ultimate symbol of luxury sleeping. Equipped with the exact same internal dimensions as standard housewife pillowcases, you won’t have to worry about replacing your sleeping pillow in order to upgrade your space.

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what is an oxford pillowcase?

An oxford pillowcase is pretty much the same as your standard housewife pillowcase, aside from a 5-10cm wide flap of fabric that runs around the border. It’s mainly an aesthetic choice, as the flap of fabric gives the illusion of a bigger, more luxurious pillow. The look works especially well with larger bed sizes like king and super king, where pillows tend to get dwarfed by the rest of the bedding.

The name comes from oxford cloth, which you might recognise as a common dress shirt fabric. Oxford pillowcases were originally made from oxford cloth, as it was tough, hard-wearing material that could survive repeated washing without becoming damaged.

are oxford pillowcases bigger?

Oxford pillowcases have the same internal dimensions as standard housewife pillowcases (50cm x 75cm), meaning both will fit over the average sleeping pillow. The difference is in the outer measurements of the pillowcases. Because oxford pillowcases come with their signature 5-10cm fabric border, however, they do bring some added size when placed on your bed. Expect a final maximum size of about 60cm x 85cm once you’ve got your oxford pillowcase filled and popped on your bed arrangement.

Both types of pillowcase are fine for sleeping on, but you’ll often find that oxford pillowcases are placed on top of a pillow arrangement for aesthetic reasons, with housewife pillowcases tucked underneath for sleeping. It’s really down to your personal preference however, and a quality pillow will make a bigger difference to your comfort than the type of pillowcase you’re using.