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Housewife Pillowcases

lay your head in graceful style with elegant housewife pillowcases.

Classic, clean and conveniently neat – housewife pillowcases are an essential addition to any curated home. Our expansive collection is filled with eye-catching designs, from exotic leafy prints to quaint country florals, to thick tufted cotton that’s rich in heavenly texture. Keep it simple with muted neutrals, or dial up the drama with a brightly coloured design. Shop the collection.

Our handsome housewife pillowcases are the epitome of no-fuss comfort, equipped with a handy envelope closure that makes swapping out your covers a breeze. Designed to keep your pillows in place through the heaviest nights of tossing and turning, our housewife pillows guarantee a dreamy night’s sleep that’s secure every time.

Housewife Pillowcases


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Often referred to as ‘standard pillowcases’ due to their overwhelming popularity in the UK, there’s good reason why housewife pillowcases are the leading choice amongst sleepers. The name comes from the 19th Century Bolton Housewives Co-operative, who first designed pillowcases with an inner flap that would prevent the pad from falling out. The rest is history, and housewife pillowcases remain the dominant design for pillow coverings today.

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what is a housewife pillowcase?

Simply put, a housewife pillowcase is the standard pillow covering design we’re all used to seeing and sleeping on. Unlike their fancier relative – the Oxford pillowcase, which comes with thick, decorative borders – housewife pillows are all about ease.

Designed with simple sewn edges and a handy envelope closure for reliable, fuss-free use, they’re the most popular choice of pillowcase for good reason.

housewife or Oxford pillowcase?

While housewife pillowcases are the leading design across the UK and beyond, you might be wondering if a more opulent offering would suit your style better. We’ve got plenty of Oxford pillowcases that fit great with many interior styles, so don’t tie yourself down to a standard design just yet.

Oxford pillowcases come with a decorative fabric border, usually between 2-5cm wide. Unlike housewife pillowcases, Oxford designs often have an opening on the rear side, but are also available with standard envelope closures. The main difference between the two designs is their style, with Oxford pillowcases lending a much more formal look than their housewife counterparts. This makes the Oxford design a perfect choice if you’re looking to create a traditional or luxury interior vibe.

If you like the look of both, using a mix of Oxford and housewife pillowcases on your bed is a great way to create a lavish, layered look that blends both styles together.