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Pink Wallpaper.

choose a pink palette for your next interior update.

Our pink paste-the-wall wallpaper collection is for the bold and the brave. There’s no shying away from this shade with these gorgeous pink patterned wallpapers. From hot pink and fuchsia to blush and baby pink, you can transform your room into a girly paradise or give it a dreamy vintage vibe. Whatever your style, pink is here to play. Shop the collection today. Our sample service means that you can purchase a sample across our full range of pink wallpapers, so you can get a sense of what your choices will look like in your room. Ready to buy? Our handy calculator will help you estimate the number of rolls you’ll need.


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Our range of pink wallpaper means that transforming your room is easy. Not only will the pattern give your room a whole new look, the paste-the-wall feature makes it a breeze. As the name suggests, you don’t have to cut the paper, paste the paper, book it and wait for it to soak in before you can hang it. Instead, with paste-the-wall wallpaper, all you have to do is apply your paste to the wall, and hang your drop. Its ease of use makes it ideal for those who’ve never wallpapered before – and bonus, it’s so much quicker too.

All our wallpaper is durable, wipeable and hard-wearing, so you don’t have to worry (too much) about sticky little hands.

Need more help? Read our handy wallpaper buying guide, which includes everything from application types to design styles. 

decorating with pink wallpaper.

Traditionally (or not so traditionally, depending on how far back you go) a girly colour, pink has taken on a new lease of life today. It can be used in so many ways in home décor. Lighter shades lend themselves to a calming aesthetic and can be used as a neutral for a minimalist take on the colour, whereas brighter, bolder shades are perfect for making a statement.

Go all in with pink and get it on the walls with pink wallpaper, and in your soft furnishings with pink curtains, pink cushions, pink bedding and any where else you can fit it in! It’s a dramatic monochrome look, but depending on the shade you choose to run with it can be anything from a calming cocoon to a riot of creativity.

Green is a classic shade to pair with pink wallpaper. Dark green and emerald help to ground the pink, adding an element of luxury. It’s a combination we see in nature (think pink flowers and green leaves) making it the perfect colour scheme for a tropical style room.

Putting hot pink (or any pink really) with black is a sure fire way to make sure that your room doesn’t come across too feminine, perfect for a communal space. The black tones down the playfulness of pink, bringing a sense of power and grown-up-ness.