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Quilts + Pillows

make your bedding basics a triumph with queenly quilts + pillows.  

No great night’s sleep was ever achieved without a quality quilt and some seriously plush pillows. Our cosy collection is rich in both – boasting luxury hotel quilts and pillows that promise to have you drifting off in record time. Go for all-out opulence with natural duck feather fillings, or enjoy the splendid support of a polyester inner pad. Shop the collection.

Whether you’re looking for a warming quilt for the winter months, anti-allergy bedding that guarantees a sneeze-free snooze or the inimitable luxury of decadent duck feathers – our blankets and pillows collection has you covered. Strike the perfect balance of softness and support with micro-cluster and hollowfibre polyester fillings, or kiss stiffness goodnight with a soothing orthopaedic design.

Quilts + Pillows

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When it comes to seizing the perfect night’s sleep, quality quilts and perfectly plumped pillows are non-negotiable. They’re fundamental in any cosy bed arrangement, providing valuable softness, warmth and comfort that’ll take your sleep to sumptuous new heights.

Loving the sound of fresh quilts and pillows? Leave no corner of your bed unaccounted for with our full bedding range. Give your quilt a lavish new layer with our stylish duvet cover sets, prettify your pillows with statement pillowcases and shams, or find the perfect finishing touches with our bed throwscushionsbedspreads and more.

If you’re full of beans but short on ideas, our inspiration blog is here to help get those cogs turning. Our bedding buying guide is the perfect starting point, walking you through everything from the bedding basics to finishing touches. Keep your blankets and pillows pristine with our guide to washing bedding, or bring that five-star feeling home with our tips on how to make your bed like a hotel.

what is a quilt?

Starting with the basics, a quilt is simply a thick, padded blanket that’s designed to be slept under. They’re traditionally made with three layers – a bottom layer of solid fabric, a padded ‘batting’ or middle layer, and a top layer of the same fabric used for the bottom. 

The batting is what gives a quilt its warmth, using wool, down, feathers or a synthetic alternative to retain heat while keeping out cold. Traditional quilts often feature a decorative top layer made from cotton or polyester, while modern sleeping quilts are generally designed plain and styled using a cover.

how many pillows should you sleep with?

An age-old question that’s no doubt led to a disagreement or two – people are constantly trying to find the perfect number of sleeping pillows. You might be surprised to learn that there’s no right answer, and the best number of sleeping pillows varies from person to person, depending on your body size and how you sleep.

If you sleep on your side, you may need two pillows – or just one that’s especially thick – in order to give your head, neck and shoulders adequate support. Your pillow(s) should be thick enough to completely fill the space created between your shoulder and mattress when sleeping on your side.

Back sleepers tend to benefit from a slightly thinner pillow than side sleepers, as less support is required to keep the neck and spine aligned. If you sleep on your stomach, you might feel better with a flat pillow – or even none at all. The key to a healthy sleep is making sure your neck and spine are in as direct an alignment as possible, so play around with pillow arrangements until you find something that works.