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Pillowcases + Shams

lay your head in luxury with our plush pillowcases + shams.

Every weary head needs a serene cloud of comfort to return to after a long day, and it doesn’t get more soothing than our pillowcases and shams. From luxury jacquard weaves to thick quilted velvet and chic floral designs as cool as the other side of the pillow – we’ve got everything you need to give your bed a showstopping new look. Shop the collection.

Whether you’re looking for a high thread count pillowcase to pump up your comfort, or some plush pillow shams to give your sleep sanctuary some size, you’ll find the perfect solution in this slumberous selection. Our signature designs are made in the UK by our talented team of Yorkshire designers, and pass on for manufacturing at our Staffordshire factory.

Pillowcases + Shams


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Bedding can be as basic as you want it to be, but when it comes to bed cushions, pillow shams, bedspreads and more, things can start to get a little complicated. Our pillowcases and shams collection makes things simple, offering everything you need to create the sleep sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of. From plush high thread count pillowcases to luxuriously large shams worthy of the finest boutique hotel – we’re bringing world class opulence right to your bedroom.

Top-tier bedding doesn’t stop with pillowcases and shams however, so don’t forget to check out the rest of our extensive range. We’ve got everything from blissful bed sheets to mattress toppers, to the dreamiest of duvet cover sets.

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what is a pillow sham?

All this talk about shams got your head in a spin? Not to worry, we’ve already got a detailed guide to what a pillow sham is over on our blog – but read on for a breakdown of the main points.

A pillow sham is basically a large, decorative pillowcase that’s used to enhance your bedding’s style rather than its comfort. While they can vary in size, pillow shams are usually about 50x65cm and above, and are designed to bring a sense of size and luxury to your bed. Because of their large size, shams are generally placed at the very back of a bed’s cushion arrangement. If you’ve got an old headboard that you’d like to cover, pillow shams work great as a quick style switch-up.

As they’re decorative accessories, shams aren’t typically used for sleeping on. The embroidery, jacquard weaves and other ornate textures that often appear on pillow shams aren’t the smoothest against skin, so it’s usually best to just use them for style. They can, however, provide good back support if you’re lying around during the day, meaning they double as handy bolster cushions too.

For the perfect dreamy bed arrangement, use two sleeping pillows per head on your bed, and prop two large pillow shams up against them. Arrange two to three scatter cushions in front of your shams, experimenting with a mix of round, square and rectangular shapes to add visual interest.