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Teal Velvet Cushions

capture majestic tones of sea and sky with our teal velvet cushions.

Vast bottomless oceans, soft peacock feathers and the sublimity of the northern lights – teal is found all around us in the organic beauty of nature. From dazzling turquoise tones to soft mineral and cyan hues, our teal velvet cushions collection features a range of classic plain, exotically illustrated and textured pattern designs. Shop the collection today.

Designed, printed and made at our UK factory, our velvet cushion collections use the finest quality fabrics for the perfect pairing of style and quality. You can buy our teal velvet cushion covers separately, or pre-filled with 100% polyester or washed duck feather pads. All our cushions are durable and easily retain their shape over time for a freshly-plumped feeling that lasts – perfect for the family home and other busy spaces.

Teal Velvet Cushions


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Our selection of teal velvet cushions celebrates the diversity of this majestic organic hue in all its beauty, offering shades and designs to fit any interior style. 

Made in the UK from the finest quality super-soft velvet fabric, our cushions are the perfect combination of style and substance. Luxuriously plush, ultra-hard-wearing and styled with a stunning range of signature designs – they’re the ideal option for introducing some refined warmth and texture to your space. 

Our teal velvet cushions are available as cover only, or come pre-filled with our durable polyester or washed duck feather pads. 

Our 100% hard-wearing polyester filling is the way to go if you’re after cushions with optimum durability. It easily maintains its shape over time for a freshly-plumped feeling that doesn’t fade, and has no problem dealing with the general roughing-up that comes with the family home and other busy environments. 

If you’re after pure comfort and plush luxury, our 100% duck feather filling is the option for you. Offering a blissful cloud-like experience, our duck feather pads don’t compromise on quality and are a great durable option for busy spaces. They’ll need plumping from time to time, and the resulting plush softness simply can’t be imitated.

Want to know more? Our helpful cushion filling guide covers all the finer details and is full of handy information on finding the right cushion filling for you. 

how to style teal velvet cushions. 

Sitting snugly between blue and green on the colour wheel, teal is an incredibly diverse shade that blends beautifully with most colours and styles. Green teal shades tend to feel cooler, and work better in north-facing rooms where crisp lighting will complement the hue wonderfully. Blue teals are somewhat warmer, and fit perfectly in sun-drenched south-facing rooms that’ll mirror the feeling of a clear summer sky.  

Teal is also a remarkably balanced colour that can fit the mood of every season, depending on the shade you choose. Deep blue and cyan shades are perfect for creating a cosy cocoon for yourself through the winter months, while bright teal hues can transform your space with a breezy island vibe that beautifully fits the Mediterranean interior style.    

Deep, moodier teal shades create feelings of intimacy, and are a great fit for more personable rooms like the bedroom or dining area. For a dramatic effect that mirrors the quiet tranquility of a deep ocean, layer different shades of teal velvet cushions together and build on this colour scheme in your accents. Introduce depth with teal geometric cushions and tie the look together with some deep blue bedding. This style technique is known as colour drenching, and will add a wonderfully contemporary look to your space while bringing the calming effect of teal.   

For a lighter look that’s perfect for more sociable and sun-kissed rooms, couple brighter teal velvet cushions with raw wood or rattan furniture. Some teal blue wallpaper will frame this breezy country look perfectly, capturing the organic beauty of the sea and sky. Throw in some decorative botanicals and potted plants to further drive the organic vibe, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving a stylishly relaxed contemporary country aesthetic.