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White Wallpaper

capture freshness and serenity with clean white wallpaper.

The perfect blank slate for building your dream interior – embrace a brighter touch with white wallpaper. Discover signature designs that delight, whether you’re searching for the quaint elegance of white floral wallpaper, or the reinvigorating purity of shiny pearl tones. Durable, wipeable and easily spot-cleaned, our designs stay looking their best. Shop the collection.

Using efficient paste-the-wall application, our white wallpaper is designed to maximise both style and simplicity. Just apply paste to your wall, hang the paper and it’ll be set and dried in no time. Get a closer look at our statement designs with unlimited £1 samples, and determine the exact number of rolls you’ll need with our usage calculator, found on each product page.

White Wallpaper

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Although the purest of neutral shades, white is far from boring. A symbol of freshness, purity and new beginnings in colour psychology – white wallpaper is the ultimate blank slate for starting off your dream space. Whether you crave the calming effects of clean ivory tones, or the multicoloured vibrancy of white floral wallpaper, find designs you’ll adore in our spellbinding range.

Our entire collection of white wallpaper uses paste-the-wall application, for a quick and easy transformation that’s perfect for beginners. There’s no pasting tables or endless hours of soaking – just paste your wall, hang your paper, and kick back with a cuppa while it dries. Our wallpaper is also durable, wipeable and non-fading, meaning it’ll stay looking its best for years, even in messier spaces like the kitchen and bathroom.

Want a closer look at our white wallpaper before you buy? Order as many different wallpaper samples as you’d like for £1 each, and get up-close and personal with our gorgeous signature designs. If you’re not sure how much you’ll need, find the exact number of rolls required with our handy wallpaper calculator, which you’ll find on each product page.

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how to clean white wallpaper.

We know it’s important that your white wallpaper stays white, clean and fresh. But from muddy paws to sticky fingers, the home is full of accidents waiting to happen. Thankfully, stains aren’t the end of the world, and we’ve got some great cleaning tips that’ll keep your white walls looking wondrous.

All of our wallpaper is wipeable, meaning any light marks - whether from cooking grease or crayons - can be dabbed away with ease.

Before you clean, you’ll need to get rid of any dust on your wall – it’s recommended you do this at least once every two months – with either a vacuum or a good old-fashioned feather duster. Start from the top and move in a downwards motion so you collect all the falling dust too.

Then, using a clean sponge and warm soapy water, gently wipe the wallpaper until the marks lift off. Dry afterwards with a fresh towel and your white wallpaper will be right back to its natural gleaming glory!

styling white wallpaper.

White is a timeless colour and provides the perfect backdrop to any room and colour scheme. 

If you’re working with a smaller or north-facing room that doesn’t get much light, white is perfect for brightening up a space and making it feel larger.

For the most soothing of sleeps, white floral wallpaper in the bedroom creates a feeling of calm and airy freshness. Pair with plain bedding in a neutral, complementary shade to bring out the brightness of the floral blooms. 

When used together, white and gold create a modern luxe look, perfect for dining or living rooms where impressing guests is all-important. Scatter some glamourous gold cushions to contrast your white wallpaper, and factor in a faux fur throw for an extra dose of opulence. Finish with gold, brass or other metallic fittings – and you’ll be well on your way to crafting a luxurious living space.