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10 simple garden ideas to update your space for the bank holiday.

From bird feeders to sun loungers, here are 10 ways you can quickly and easily update your space before the bank holiday.

Looking forward to the bank holiday, but your outdoor space is looking a bit drab? No need for a complete overhaul of your garden –  our quick and easy ideas are perfect for giving your garden an instant lift, so you can concentrate on getting your loved ones round for a barbeque.


basic maintenance.

Let’s start with the basics – getting your garden under control. It’s amazing what a quick tidy and sweep up can do to your outside space. Go further by weeding unwanted plants and mowing the lawn. It’ll instantly look 100% neater, especially if you trim your lawn’s edges for a smart look.

Got a patio or decking that’s looking a bit worse for wear? Grab a power washer and blast the dirt away. Not only is it satisfying to do, your space will look practically brand new – perfect for impressing guests at your bank holiday barbeque. 


zone out.

Zoning your garden and dividing it up for different uses will make your outdoor space feel bigger and more organised.  It’s easy too, just use outdoor furniture.  

You can create a lounge area just with a cleverly positioned (and stylish) bistro set and an outdoor rug, and then a separate area for sunbathing with a set of comfortable sun loungers and an outdoor side table for your drink. They’ll feel distinct from one another, and your garden will feel bigger.



photo credit: @insideclemshome | products: leopard gold outdoor cushion, peacock blue outdoor cushion, cranes pink outdoor cushion, leafy teal outdoor cushion.


add a splash of colour.

One easy way to refresh your space for the bank holiday is to use paint. If your shed is looking a little tired, or you’ve gone for plants and flowers that are more minimal, you can add an instant lift with a lick of paint.

Think about the style of your garden and pick a colour (or a colour scheme) that complements that. For an English country garden, you might stick to wood tones, but for a modern look you might want to paint your shed a bright and bold colour.

Why stop at your shed? Paint your fences, your garden furniture – anything you can get your hands on. It’s a great way to give your garden an instant transformation and inject a bit of colour into it.


plants + flowers.

For an instant garden transformation, add in some ready-grown plants and flowers. Pre-planted hanging baskets and containers are a really low-effort way to add colour and vibrancy quickly. Summery flowers like geraniums and petunias are ideal.  

Want an even easier way to add plants and flowers to your outdoor space? Artificial flowers and plants require very little maintenance, and they stay looking great all year round.



photo credit: @gingernatalie_x | products: papaya outdoor cushion, les fruits outdoor cushion, psychedelic outdoor cushions


plant pots.

If you’ve got a container garden, then give your plant pots some TLC. Just giving them a clean might be all the refresh they need, but if they’re looking a little shabby, then consider painting them too! Just make sure the pots are clean and free of dirt, and you can use regular garden paint to create patterns, block colours, cute stripes and more.



Need a quick, low effort way to add some colour and pattern into your outdoor space? Revive your garden furniture with brightly coloured outdoor cushions and textured throws. It’ll mean you can use your garden even if the sun doesn’t come out this bank holiday.

Use faux fur or sherpa fleece throws for those cooler evenings around the fire pit, or bring the joy with bright colours in contrasting shades, perfect for snuggling as the sun goes down.



photo credit: @ginandinteriors | hawaii outdoor cushion, palms outdoor cushion, plain outdoor cushions in olive.


introduce ambience.

Speaking of the sun going down – just because it’s dark doesn’t mean that you’ll want to go indoors. Lighting is so important and can help you create a wonderful atmosphere as you spend happy times with family and friends.

Think festoon lights, fairy lights, lanterns and even candles. Keep layering your light sources until you’ve created a cosy feel. They might be overhead, around your fences and on your coffee or dining tables.


create a kids’ space.

If you have kids, then your garden is no doubt already their playground. You can create a dedicated kids’ play space by turning a section of your raised bed into a child-friendly space. It could be a veggie patch for growing fun plants, a sandpit to dig and play in, a mud kitchen to get really grubby in – the possibilities are endless.



photo credit: @hoppshouse | products: papaya outdoor cushion, folk flora outdoor floor cushions in ochre & orange


get some shade.

A sun shade might be all you need to refresh your outdoor space and get you using it again. Whether it’s a parasol, a sail or just some washable fabric that you’ve pinned up as a canopy, a sun shade can give you both shade and privacy, instantly transforming your space into one that you feel comfortable using once more.

If you have a larger garden and you wanted to invest in a more permanent sun shade, consider a structure like a pergola. It’s a stunning moment by itself, but you can grow climbing plants around it so over the years it will be even more beautiful over time.


encourage wildlife.

While it might not be the most instantaneous change, encouraging wildlife into your garden can make the world of difference. There’s nothing more delightful than discovering a bee making its home in your bug hotel, or a bird using your feeder every day. Plus, it’s good for the environment too!

Choose plants like lavender, rosemary and thyme (all of which will smell delightful) and plants with purple flowers – bees see purple the best, so they’ll love to come and visit your garden. If you’re keen on encouraging birds, just make sure that any food or houses you put in your garden are out of the reach of cats.


 header image photo credit: @gingernatalie_x