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5 dreamy ways to style bouclé cushions.

A collection of white bouclé cushions and throws, arranged on a white bouclé sofa.

The Chanel jacket. Kim Kardashian's car. The Saarinen womb chair. All iconic in bouclé. 

Bouclé is a mark of luxury, whether it’s used in fashion or interiors. The soft curls and neutral tones lend themselves to refined and curated spaces, but the unique texture means it's great for making a statement with too.

what is bouclé?

Bouclé (pronounced ‘boo-clay’) is a fabric made from bouclé yarns. It has little loops in the yarns, which gives the fabric a fleecey, nubby appearance, and the loops can range from tiny coils to larger rings. The name is derived from the French word bouclé, meaning looped or curly.

It’s soft, yet heavy, making it a versatile fabric. It can be used for anything from clothes and shoes to cushions and bedding. 

Bouclé was very common in the 1940s and 50s, recently reemerging to bring it's sumptuously soft texture into the homes of today. Life in recent years has led us towards creating a home we really love, if nothing else – and bouclé’s familiar fuzziness might just be what your cocoon-like den of cosiness is missing.

how is bouclé made?
A closeup shot of a woolly bouclé cushion in a ginger shade. Two matching brown bouclé cushions in differing shapes, displayed together on a grey chair with a wooden frame.
Cabu Textured Bouclé Cushion in Ginger | Nellim Bouclé Textured Cushion in Biscuit

Bouclé is made with two or three strands, where one strand is loose and the other taught. The loose strand forms the loops and the taught strand is the base of the fabric.

bouclé cushions.

Bouclé cushions are one of the easiest and most accessible ways to bring this trend into your home (why buy a new sofa when you can just swap out your cushions?). A quick chop and change for a bouclé cushion and your living room or bedroom feels infinitely more elevated and on-trend.

glam contemporary.
A white living room with a grey sofa, grey ottoman, and a collection of white throw cushions.

Bouclé is a soft, luxurious material. Pair it with other luxe textures like faux fur and velvets, gold accents and high end finishes for a modern, but glamorous space.

Create a more masculine feel by using navy blues and khaki greens paired with darker wood.

muted minimalist.
Matching bouclé cushions in differing shades, one white and one grey, propped up in a white bed next to potted foliage.
Cabu Textured Bouclé Cushion in Ecru

Bouclé is the perfect addition to a minimalist space. Often found in muted and neutral colours, bouclé adds texture and warmth without adding too much colour.

Use just one bouclé knot cushion on your white sofa to create depth and you’ll have the ideal warm minimalist space.

moody maximalist.
A large bed with a blue velvet headboard, dressed with tropical style bedding, two brown scatter cushions and a red throw.

While it might be plain in pattern, bouclé makes up for it in texture.

Those little loops are heaven to touch, and in slightly bolder colours, bouclé can perfectly slot into a moody maximalist home. Think jewel tones, impactful warm greys and muted mustards for a delicious colour palette.

soft + scandi.
A woven cotton bouclé cushion in a white shade, placed on an off-white sofa with a woolly green bouclé throw.
Eloise Cushion in Natural

If your style is more scandi, then bouclé soft furnishings will fit right into your space too.

Pair the Eloise cushion in natural with organic accessories like light wood furniture and woven baskets (not forgetting plenty of houseplants) for a delightfully relaxed, cosy living room that feels grounded in the natural world.

pink boho.
A pink bedroom with a peacock rattan headboard, pink tiger bedding and a ginger boucle knot cushion. There's a brown vase full of pampas grass and a big pink himalayan salt rock lamp on the bedside table.

Boho style is all about that eclectic feel, so bouclé is the perfect partner.

Layer in with tassels and tufting, heaps of earthy tones and playful rattan furniture for a rich and cosy feel. When it comes to colours, think ginger, taupe and sweet caramel.