How to: Dress a Sofa

You’ve finally decided on a style and colour scheme for your living room but now you have to bring your vision to life. Is there anything more confusing than knowing what kind of cushion arrangement is best for your sofa? As you will know, sofas come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, meaning not every cushion arrangement will look the same on each suite. In this helpful guide, we will explore the different ways of how to dress a sofa with cushions and throws.


Large sofas often appear the most intimidating to dress as there is so much space to fill.  If your sofa is generous in its length or width, you can take advantage and add multiple large cushions. Given the amount of room, we suggest scattering your cushions along the sofa’s back as you will still have room to sit, lay and relax. Larger cushions are the better alternatives in this instance as anything smaller would leave the sofa looking bare and barren. If you’re adding a throw, we suggest placing one over the arm of the sofa.


Photo Credit: @carryoncorbett | (Right Image) Products from left to right: Sunningdale (Bottle)Blenheim Geometric (Forest Green)Desert Palm (Mineral)


Small sofas however, offer less space and you are slightly more limited to what you can place on them. However, this does not mean that they cannot be dressed with multiple products. For a smaller sofa, we suggest placing a maximum of 4 cushions, 2 on each side. To save seating space and add dimension, you can also use a contrast of sizes. Place 2 large square cushions at each side of the sofa with 2 smaller rectangular cushions sitting in front of them. This is likely to give the illusion that your sofa is much bigger than it actually is. If you would like to add a throw, we suggest draping one over the middle of the sofa as you will have an open space here that may look unfinished. 


Take a similar approach when dressing statement furniture like a chesterfield sofa. Although they vary in size, you don't want to arrange cushions on them in a way that will take the focus off their unique features. Place the cushions at either side of the sofa; you can judge the size or amount of cushions you may need given the length and width of the sofa you are dressing. If you are adding a throw, we suggest placing one on either arm of the sofa to prevent covering the beautiful characteristics that will be shown in the middle of the suite. 


Products from left to right: Weaver Throw (Teal), Forbidden Forest (Sapphire)Manyara Leopard (Multi)


So what about a corner sofa's cushion arrangement? It can be said that corner suites often have the most variaty amongst sizes and styles. However, they are typically larger with lots of space to fill. Although there is no 'proper' way on how to dress a corner sofa with cushions, here are some of our top tips.


Large Cushions are better, as smaller cushions will look lost and out of place given the length of the sofa. We recommend layering your cushions to bulk out the remaining gaps and to add some contrasts. Given the amount of room, you can also add a statement or feature cushion. This will break up the space and add more depth and contrast. We advise placing this where the corner of the sofa meets, or the edge of the sofa and chaise end. A perfect example of this is a boucle knot cushion


If you would like to add a throw, we suggest draping it over the edge of the chaise end to prevent this space looking plain and barren. If your corner sofa has a backrest around the whole suite, you can add the throw over the edge of either arm or hanging from the back of the sofa. This is subject to your personal preference and your chosen arrangement of cushions.


 Photo Credit: @interior_renovation_ideas | (Left Image) Products from left to right: Hamlet Cushion (Sienna)Meridian Velvet Cushion (Ivory/Black)Boucle Knot (Ecru)Tundra Throw (Grey)


Now you should be a pro at arranging cushions on a sofa! Feeling confident? Shop our sofa cushions now!


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