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How to Dress a Sofa

Without the embellishment of cushions and throws, your sofa can look pretty sad and lonely. But with a whole world of fabrics, colours and designs, deciding which combination of cushions and throws can be overwhelming. 

Your selection needs to have balance – it needs to be both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, as well as not too much or too little. Here are the four steps to styling your sofa for balance and beauty.

start with colour.

Photo Credit: @carryoncorbett | (Right Image) Products from left to right: Sunningdale (Bottle)Blenheim Geometric (Forest Green)Desert Palm (Mineral) 

When it comes to dressing your sofa, start with the basics – the colour scheme. Whether you’re taking your cues from your wallpaper or you’ve found a selection of hues that you really love, getting the colour scheme right can mean the difference between making your sofa feel put together or thrown together.

Got a maximalist living room? Go for an abundance of bold jewel tones or beautiful brights. Looking for something more relaxed? Try neutrals, naturals, creams and greys. If it’s a boho space, earthy tones like clay, eucalyptus and dusty blues and pinks work beautifully. 

Working with a grey sofa? Take a look at our blog post on how to pick and style cushions for grey sofas.

layer on the pattern and texture.

Photo Credit: @curatedincambridge | Products from left to right: Weaver Throw (Teal), Forbidden Forest (Sapphire)Manyara Leopard (Multi)

Once you’ve got your colour scheme sorted, you can start to think about pattern and texture – something that every sofa needs. Depending on your style, there are loads of ways to layer prints, patterns and tactile qualities into your living room. Velvet and gold foiling is great for luxe spaces, whereas tufting and tasselling is ideal for a minimal or boho style.

The beauty of cushions and throws is that they’re a quick and easy way to inject personality into your living room – and they’re a doddle to swap out when the mood takes you too. You can try out a new trend, switch out with the seasons or simply update your room with a fresh set of cushions.

style to perfection.


Photo Credit: @interior_renovation_ideas | (Left Image) Products from left to right: Hamlet Cushion (Sienna)Meridian Velvet Cushion (Ivory/Black)Boucle Knot (Ecru)Tundra Throw (Grey)

You know what your colours are, and the patterns or textures that you want to use – so how do you put it all together on your sofa? Easy.

Mix up your cushion sizes – only go for the same size cushions if you’re looking to create a formal feel to your living room. Instead, pair big cushions with smaller ones, and you could even throw rectangular ones in there too.

Experiment with your throws. There are so many different ways to style a throw, from neatly folded and tucked over the arm to cascading over the back of the sofa – it’s all about the look that you’re trying to create.

Keep it (mostly) symmetrical. If you’ve popped cushions in one corner, it’ll probably look best if there’s cushions in the other corner too (unless it’s a two-seater or a loveseat, then it may look overcrowded).

Take pictures. This is an easy way to tell if your styling is working. You’ll be able to spot bare spots or arrangements that aren’t working much easier when you’re looking at it as a photograph rather than in front of you.  

finishing touches.

Photo credit: @the.wendy.house_67 | Products: Dune Cushion, Ural Cushion, Mossa Cushion, Banda Throw, Ashram Cushion

Take your sofa experience to the next level with added extras.

Just like a bed, sofas are levelled up with side tables. It means no leaning across to the coffee table every time you need to pop your cuppa down, and it’s the perfect place for extra lighting too.

Speaking of lighting, it’s a crucial element for any room. Whether you go for a floor lamp behind it, or a table lamp beside it, good lighting means that your sofa will be perfectly illuminated whatever you use your sofa for.

And the final flourish to the enjoyment of your sofa – home fragrance. From the flickering of a deliciously-scented candle to the instant transformation of a room spray spritz, scent is everything. Make it cosy with a spiced fragrance, or lift your mood with something fresh and earthy. 



Cover image credit: @interior_renovation_ideas Thumbnail image credit: @curatedincambridge