Australian bedding and cushion brand, Linen House.

A premium range of beautiful artisan bedding and cushions designed in Melbourne, the style capital of the Southern Hemisphere. Linen House is an established and renowned Australian family-owned company.

Founded in 1993 by husband and wife Gordon and Michele Duncan, who over time have been joined in the business by their children. The strong family work ethic runs deep in the business as all family members still work for Linen House to this day along with their highly skilled team.

Based in Melbourne, the heart and home of modern Australian style. Typically recognisable as relaxed living, forgiving and authentic, our Linen House range features some of the most exceptional, stylish and elegant bedding and cushions around. Be unapologetically yourself with this collection.  

Driven by strong values, quality manufacturing and a love for beautiful design and products. Linen House’s enduring success stems from staying creative in a competitive market, maintaining design integrity and manufacturing quality products while remaining 100% Australian-owned.

Starting with original quality designs, Linen House uses only the most exceptional fabrics that are sourced to last. All printed designs are carefully hand painted by their in house design team before being developed into digital designs. Taking inspiration from the world around them, they develop stunning hand painted unique designs into the most special bedding and cushion ranges. 

They take great pride in knowing that their products are often the last thing customers see and feel before drifting off and the first thing that brings them into a new day and have a close connection to the families and homes they live in. All Linen House products are designed with their customers in mind.

Linen House: Fernanda duvet cover set, Fernanda pillow sham (similar)

Our Linen House range is curated to help you create a relaxing atmosphere at home. This laid back range of beautiful bedding and coordinating cushions is perfect for Boho enthusiasts. From this sophisticated collection expect nothing less than exceptional fabrics, featuring romantic floral and botanical prints, relaxed cotton chenille tufted designs and coordinating pillowcases, pillow shams and cushions.