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Barbiecore: get the look.

a glitter-speckled blueprint to your very own Barbie Dreamhouse.

Fashion model, astronaut and six-time candidate for President of the United States – Mattel’s Barbie is nothing if not a champion of versatility. She’s been the object of an entire generation’s doting affection, a lightning rod for controversy and criticism – and now, she’s being reimagined for an entirely new, nostalgia-frenzied swarm of devotees to the life in plastic.

With the stiletto echoes of Greta Gerwig’s 2023 live action adaptation ringing clearly in our ears, Barbie can officially tag the title of cultural zeitgeist on the end of her exhaustive CV. From the moment that perfectly arched foot graced our screens in the earliest promo material, Barbiecore was born – and the entire world’s been reeling in its campy, leotard-clad orbit ever since.

From the 2023 Met Gala to Valentino’s fuchsia-fueled autumn/winter ’22 show, pop culture seems to have surrendered itself completely to the Barbiecore craze – and the trend-loving world of interior design was characteristically quick to jump aboard. The results are exactly what you’d expect – vibrant bursts of every pink shade under the sun, nostalgic nods to ‘80s and ‘90s fashion, and an overall indulgence in unapologetically positive, dopamine-fuelled decor.

what is barbiecore?
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While the trend seems firmly on course to peak with the release of the film, there are a lot of qualities to the Barbiecore interior that make it a strong candidate for sticking around. Pink – arguably Barbie’s quintessential hallmark – has been steadily swelling in popularity since quieter pastel shades came to the forefront, giving decorators space to experiment without having to commit to hotter, saccharine tones.

Meanwhile, the earthy, multicoloured playfulness of nostalgic ‘70s-inspired design has been making somewhat of a comeback too. Whimsical florals, hearts and squiggly line motifs have been firm fixtures of the Barbie Dreamhouse since the ‘70s – and are more than welcome in contemporary takes on the look.

Barbiecore interiors aren’t exactly rocket science to pull off, and there’s a whole spectrum for how deep into the look you can go. "Wallpaper or interiors accessories like a well-positioned throw or cushion can be just the splash of colour your space needs without feeling like it’s gone over the top or overtly feminine" advises Rea, colour and print expert at "If looking to steer away from a girly or hyper-feminised feel – I’d recommend avoiding overly plush or fluffy textures".

Barbiecore interiors can be as sickly-sweet or subtle as you like, but however far you choose to take the trend, there are three main characteristics you’ll need to keep at the forefront of your mind – pink, nostalgic and playful.

pink, pink, pink.

You don’t need us to tell you that a Barbiecore interior should probably feature plenty of pink. Considering the amount of fluorescent fuchsia paint used on Gerwig’s movie set caused a global shortage, it’s safe to say that there’s no upward limit on the amount of pink you can use. "Experiment with more natural pink tones like clay or plaster for a more subtle take" Rea suggests. "Using finishes such as lime wash can be a subtle yet chic way of bringing in a pop of pink. If you’re feeling bolder, go for a statement ceiling or update existing pieces of furniture in fun, pink-toned patterns or paints".

Mattel began branding exclusively with pink in the ‘70s to distinguish itself from a growing number of copycats, and the colour has served as an iconic emblem of Barbie and her world ever since.

Check Knitted Cushion in Red or Dead Pink

Check Knitted Cushion in Red or Dead Pink.

Like her iconic pink gingham dress was printed on loop tufted cotton – our Check Knitted Cushion in Red or Dead Pink is the ultimate Barbiecore accessory. Complete with a retro checkered pattern of berry red and pale pink squares, it captures every trademark of the Barbie aesthetic in one cushion-sized explosion of style.

The nuzzle-worthy knitted front is contrasted with a plain polycotton canvas reverse, while standard knife edging and a hidden zip closure make for a clean, streamlined finish. Whether you’re adding to your bed’s bundle of cosy layers or introducing a quick pop of colour to your living room sofa – do it the unmistakably Barbiecore way with this show-stealing cushion.

Available to pre-order from £20.

Kindred Wallpaper in Blush

Kindred Wallpaper in Blush.

Considering Barbie’s spent her fair share of time in front of the easel – as both a professional artist and teacher –  we can definitely see her taking a shine to our abstract Kindred Wallpaper in Blush. Featuring a recurring pattern of hand-drawn faces in peach, blush and clay shades printed on matte pastel pink – it’s the ideal backdrop to your Barbiecore bedroom or living room.

The softer pink shade is ideal for staying on the more subdued side of Barbiecore, but will also work like a charm to make any saturated pink accents really pop. Not sure if it’s the right wallpaper for you? Grab yourself a free wallpaper sample and enjoy a closer look before you buy.

Available from £22.

Flower Velvet Reversible Cushion in Hot Pink

Flower Velvet Reversible Cushion in Hot Pink.

Our Heya Home collection is brimming with vibrant, fun-loving pieces worthy of any Barbie Dreamhouse, but if we had to pick just one, it would have to be our Flower Velvet Reversible Cushion in Hot Pink. Harnessing the impact of hot pink, the playfulness of florals and free-spirited nostalgia for the ‘70s flowerchild era – it’s got everything a good burst of Barbiecore needs.

We’ve got a full collection of these cushions in a range of Barbie-friendly shades if you fancy switching things up a bit. Break the all-pink monochrome with a sunny splash of yellow and orange, or introduce something a little softer with cosy tones of ginger and lilac.

Available from £17.

go retro.

From vintage gym wear and luminous leotards to scrunchies, visors and more – ‘80s and ‘90s nostalgia is a massive part of the contemporary Barbiecore aesthetic. The Millennial and Gen Z generations have reclaimed the look with reckless abandon, and interests seem firmly focused on maximising fun rather than avoiding kitsch. Think funky geometric swirls, saturated neon palettes and a strong dedication to unapologetic playfulness.

Manhattan Abstract Duvet Cover Set

Manhattan Abstract Duvet Cover Set in Pink/Red.

Inspired by American fashion designer Halston’s 1970s New York townhouse – our Manhattan Abstract Duvet Cover Set offers a cultivated take on Barbiecore interiors. Sweet candy pink sets the scene for a striking selection of abstract shapes, beautifully contrasting in a bold red shade. The reverse sports a matching design – ideal for layering the look with a simple fold throughout the day.

Our Manhattan Abstract Cushion in Monochrome makes an ideal match if you’re looking to bring in some contrast, and even calls to mind Barbie’s iconic striped swimsuit from 1959. Of course, we’ve also got a matching pink cushion if you’d rather stay strictly on-brand.

Available from £22.


Amelie Outdoor/Indoor Rug in Multicolour.

Looking like it could be straight out of Barbie’s 1974 bohemian townhouse – our Amelie Outdoor/Indoor Rug in Multicolour is Barbiecore at its funky floral best. A bright neutral background makes way for a colourful flurry of cartoonish florals – printed in a variety of saturated and chalky pastel hues. All our polyester outdoor rugs are designed for use both inside and out, and are machine washable to thirty degrees if you feel like a freshening-up is in order.

If you’re as on-board with this design as we are, make sure to check out our matching cushion and duvet cover for a full retro refurbishment. The duvet features a stunningly original reverse – with contrasting wavy lines in a similar palette – that both complements and distinguishes itself from the lead design.

Available from £48.

Raeya Art Deco Cushions

Raeya Art Deco Cushions in Neon.

As if Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s neon rollerblading outfits were cut and sewn into show-stopping cushion covers – it doesn’t get much more Barbiecore than this. Our Raeya Art Deco Cushions take inspiration from funky 1970s geometrics, while a dazzling neon palette ensures they won’t struggle to draw eyes, turn heads and make a memorable statement in any setting.

Printed on sumptuously soft velvet, complete with a plain-dye velvet reverse and neat zip closure – these cushions feel just as good as they look. Go with neon orange, pink and jade green for a classic Barbie combo, or break up the pattern with a pink-free option – if you dare.

Available from £8.

keep it playful.

A key point to understand about Barbiecore interiors is that they’re purposefully, proudly, and consistently a bit eccentric. From tasseled lampshades to novelty landline phones, pink-tinted martini glasses and more – Barbiecore accessories never blend into the background. Whether you’re going for a big statement piece or topping your space up with a sprinkling of out-there accessories, one thing’s for sure – a Barbie-inspired interior should never shy away from fun.

Theia Gold Foil Wallpaper in Blush

Theia Gold Foil Wallpaper in Blush.

Wallpaper that’ll catch eyes while serving them? How very versatile. Our Theia Gold Foil Wallpaper in Blush is bursting with youthful, mystical energy – guaranteed to kick the visual interest in any space up a few notches. Jet black and dusty blush pink make for a striking contrast that somehow still feels subtle, while licks of metallic gold detailing effortlessly bring the design to life.

Go with wall-to-wall watching eyes, or really highlight the design with a statement-making feature wall. All our wallpaper uses easy paste-the-wall application, and we’ve even got a step-by-step how to wallpaper guide if you’re new to the process.

If this design’s really caught your eye, make sure to check out our matching bedding.

Available from £22.

Circle Tassel Bath Mat in Blush

Circle Tassel Bath Mat in Blush.

Every Barbie needs a soft place to pop her perfectly-pointed feet after hopping out of the shower, and we can't think of anywhere better than our Circle Tassel Bath Mat in Blush. Cushiony, 100% cotton and packed with 1950gsm absorbency – it's our Barbiecore solution for toes that need some post high-heel pampering.

Available in stunning shades of green, pecan and warm butter ochre if you fancy a break in the pink motif – we've got colours to suit every Barbie in the rainbow.

Available from £19.

Check It Bouclé Door Stop in Pinky Crush

Check It Bouclé Door Stop in Pinky Crush.

If the residents of Barbie Land ever had to worry about slamming doors or sneaky draughts, we think they'd use something a little like our Check It Bouclé Door Stop in Pinky Crush.

From the retro check design to the playful mix of textures and all-out explosion of pink - it's everything we love about Barbiecore wrapped up in one design. With alternating squares of fuzzy fleece and chic bouclé for an impactful 3D-style effect. Our neutral dreamy cream version offers a softer take - because who said Barbies can't be minimalists?

Available from £12

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