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Plain Curtains

drape your space in understated style with our plain curtains.

Whether you’re a dedicated minimalist or simply want something to settle a busier space – our selection of plain curtains is packed with simple style. Choose from traditional twill and luxurious velvet fabrics, or go with 100% blackout curtains for the perfect sleep sanctuary. Keep it classic with clean neutrals, or turn up the tones with our selection of muted + bright hues. Shop the collection.

Struggling to find the right size? Get a tailored fit to the nearest centimetre with our bespoke made to measure curtains range. If you’ve got a straightforward window space or just fancy something more affordable, we’ve got plenty of ready made curtains in a range of standard sizes. Our pinch and pencil pleat headings fit flawlessly with more traditional interiors, while our stainless steel eyelets offer a refreshing modern twist.

Plain Curtains


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If a swish of sophisticated style sounds like something you could use at your window, look no further than our subdued selection of plain curtains. Prettily plain but far from boring – you’ll find a wealth of eye-catching designs in this collection. Create a soothing backdrop for your sleep sanctuary scheme with classic neutrals and earth tones, or make your plain curtains a style statement with our selection of dazzling brights.

Looking for a more affordable option? Our plain ready made curtains are the ideal solution, offering a range of sizes that’ll sit comfortably in most window spaces. If you’re after more of a precise fit, we’ve got plenty of plain made to measure options in tailored sizes measured to the nearest centimetre.

Appreciating the pared back look? Take a look through the rest of our plain home furnishings, from calming cushions and basic blankets to bedding without all the bells and whistles. If you’re on the lookout for new curtains but aren’t sure where to begin, our inspiration blog is the ideal starting point. It’s stacked full of helpful guides and expert style advice, from our general curtain buying and fitting guides, to step-by-step curtain measuring guides for each heading type.

how to dress up plain curtains.

A common concern among homeowners is that plain curtains won’t hold up against the rest of their decor. While there’s certainly nothing bland about our collection, you’ve still got plenty of options when it comes to adding a little pizzazz and dressing up your window dressings even more.

Plain curtains might be the name of our collection, but that doesn’t mean for a second that they’re one-dimensional. Jazzing up plain curtains can be as simple as opting for a statement fabric, such as our twill woven and mélange effect designs. It can also be as simple as choosing an eye-catching colour – with bright hues of hot pink, sunshine yellow and zesty orange guaranteed to imbue any space with a blazing burst of energy.

If you’re dead set on a neutral or muted hue for your plain curtains, there’s still tons of space for spicing things up. Pairing neutral drapes with a lighter shade of neutral wallpaper is a tried and tested method of getting plain curtains to pop. Having wallpaper a few shades lighter than your curtains will create a striking contrast, giving your curtains the eye-catching illusion of bouncing off the wall.

If you’re going with white curtains, for example, factor in some matching cushions and a snow-white throw to strengthen the colour scheme and make the whole look work in harmony. Ensuring your plain curtains feel like a seamless part of your interior is key to making the whole thing work, so pay attention to how you go about coordinating them. If all else fails, some braids, home-sewn trims or snazzy tiebacks are always a solid choice, and will have your plain curtains looking like a showstopping focal point in no time.