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Patterned Curtains

make your windows a work of art with prestigious patterned curtains.

Life’s too short to not let your window spaces shine, and our patterned curtains offer a quick and easy way to get there. Wander your way through our splendid selection of signature designs, from simple stripes and checks to jazzy geometrics and the freshest summery florals – all available in a stunning range of neutral, muted and blazingly bright hues. Shop the collection.

Don’t see your size? Head over to our made to measure collection for bespoke sizing down to the centimetre. For those working with a standard window space – or in search of an affordable alternative – we’ve got tons of ready made options that’ll fit like a dream. If you’re confused about sizing, fitting or anything curtain-related – we’ve got a whole host of curtain guides to help pull everything together.

Patterned Curtains


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Everyone loves a pretty, aesthetically-pleasing pattern, and what better way to brighten up your home than by popping one at your window? Sift through our sizeable collection of patterned curtain designs, from sensible stripes and rustic checks to the brightest of blooming botanicals. Keep things lowkey with a tastefully muted pattern, or let your window spaces sing with a showstopping statement print. Our pencil and pinch pleat curtains are the ideal option for quaint and traditionally styled spaces, while our stainless-steel eyelets offer a modish contemporary twist.

If you’re looking for an affordable option, or have a standard window space, our ready made patterned curtains might just be your perfect match. Available in an extensive range of standard sizes, our ready made options offer a quick and easy way to elevate your window spaces. Looking for a tailored fit? Our made to measure patterned curtains offer bespoke sizing down to the nearest centimetre – ideal for custom fits, puddled effects and those tricky windows that need a tailored touch.

Possessed by pattern? Make sure to check out the rest of our patterned home furnishings, from breathtaking bed sheets to embellished blinds and patterned outdoor cushions that’ll steal the show in any garden space. If you’re contemplating new curtains but have some questions that need answering, our inspiration blog is your ideal destination. A treasure trove of helpful guides and expert design advice – we’ve got everything from a beginner’s curtain buying guide to detailed, step-by-step curtain measuring guides that’ll make sure you don’t miss a beat.

can you have patterned wallpaper and patterned curtains?

The short answer? Absolutely! While matching your curtains to your wallpaper might feel like risky business, it’s actually quite the opposite. Using a similar – or even identical – pattern will work every time, while sparing you the hassle of having to coordinate them in your overall look.

If you’re worried about things feeling too same-y, go with a big, sweeping pattern that has fewer repetitions throughout the curtain fabric. This will cause the pattern’s visibility to become slightly obscured through the pleats and folds of the fabric – especially when the curtains are opened. If an identical pairing sounds like a bit too much, try switching the curtain colour to a slightly darker shade than your wallpaper. You’ll still get that immersive, uniform effect, but your curtains will pop just that bit more.

how to style patterned curtains.

There are endless routes you can go down when it comes to styling patterned curtains, and the right option for you all depends on the look you’re going for. Contrasting patterned red curtains with plain blue wallpaper (or any complementary colour pairing) will make your curtains stand out all the more, and open up plenty of options for coordinating with cushionsthrows, and other accessories throughout your space.

If a pair of patterned curtains isn’t quite scratching your styling itch, there’s no rule against going motif-mad with wall-to-wall statement prints. Ditsy, botanical curtains are a staple of the granny chic trend, so why not extend the motif with fluttery floral wallpaper in a slightly softer shade. Use contrasting patterns to really bring out the maximalist energy, but look for subtle connections of colour and shape that’ll make the coupling feel cohesive.