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how many cushions should you have on your sofa?

A green velvet sofa with layers of all different cushions in coral, natural and green colours. There are prints of oranges on the wall and a plant on the wooden coffee table.

A question for the ages!

Cavemen originated it, Victorians raved about it, and today, we’re still asking the same question: exactly how many cushions are you supposed to have on your sofa? Okay so maybe the question isn’t quite that old, but there’s no denying that it certainly is a head-scratcher.

The truth is, there's no one right answer. It all depends on the size of your sofa, the style of your living room, and your personal preferences. In this article, we'll help you figure out how many cushions you should have on your sofa based on different sofa sizes and styles. And then, once you're ready, you can start to choose the style, the fabric and the design of your cushions! Let's get started...

how many cushions should you have on a 2-seater sofa?
A brown leather 2-seater sofa with three cushions on one side, with a couple of throws thrown over it.

One of the most important decisions you'll make when decorating your living room is how many cushions to put on your sofa. This might seem like a small detail, but it can have a big impact. Too many, and it becomes overwhelming (and awkward to sit on), too little, and it can leave your sofa looking bare and uncomfortable.

If you have a two-seater sofa, we recommend using two to three cushions. This will give your sofa a comfy, cosy feel without going overboard. Keep in mind that the size of your cushions will play a big role in how many you should use, too. If your cushions are large, two might be the perfect amount. If they're smaller, you could add a third to fill out the space.

But how do you actually choose the right cushions for your space? One approach is to consider the colour scheme of your living room,’s interiors expert Suzi says. “If you have a grey colour palette, you might want to choose cushions in a bold colour or pattern to add some visual interest. If, on the other hand, your living room is quite colourful, pick out accent colours that already exist in your wallpaper or other accessories for a cohesive feel”. 

how many cushions should you have on a 3-seater sofa?

If you have a three-seater sofa, we suggest using four to five cushions. This will give your sofa a full and plush appearance while still leaving enough space for people to sit comfortably. A matchy-matchy set of cushions will give your three-seater sofa a formal feel, while something more eclectic will look playful.

When choosing your cushions, consider the colour scheme of your living room. If your sofa is a neutral colour, you can layer on cushions in the same hue for a minimalist effect. Alternatively, if your sofa is a bright colour, you can choose cushions in clashing colours to create a rejuvenating feel.

“Think about the textures you’ve got going on. If they’re all one style, it can look quite samey! I recommend going for around two or three different textures for a three-seater - something like muslin and tufting will work together beautifully in summer as they are contrasting light cotton textures.” Suzi says.

A cream 3-seater sofa with four cushions, a neatly folded throw and a footstool.
credit: @sylvielondoner

Don't forget to think about the shape of your cushions as well. Square cushions are the most common choice, but you can also mix in some round or rectangular cushions to add depth and interest. Just make sure the size and shape of your cushions are proportionate to your sofa.

Remember, the number of cushions you use isn't the only thing that matters. The way you arrange them can also make a big difference in the look of your sofa. Try placing two cushions at one end and three at the other for a more asymmetrical look, or arrange them in a straight line for a more traditional appearance. You can also experiment with layering your cushions, with larger ones at the back and smaller ones at the front.

Finally, don't be afraid to switch up your cushions with the seasons. In the summer, you might want to use lighter, brighter colours, while in the winter, you can opt for cosy textures and deeper hues. With the right cushions, you can transform your sofa and create a comfortable and stylish living space.

how many cushions should you have on a 4-seater sofa?
A cream 4-seater sofa with a layered selection of cushions in cream and saffron.
credit: @beabea_and_me

If you have a larger four-seater sofa, you’ve got more real estate for more cushions. We suggest using six to eight cushions for a full and polished look. 

You can mix and match different textures and colours to create a cohesive yet dynamic look.

You'll want to make sure the cushions don't overpower the size of your sofa. If your cushions are too large and bulky, they can make the sofa look smaller than it is. 

On the other hand, if your cushions are too small, they can get lost in the space. Experiment with different sizes and shapes to find the perfect balance.

how many cushions should you have on a corner sofa?
A biscuit-hued corner sofa with at least six cushions on it, along with a couple of throws.
credit: unknown

Got a corner sofa? You have a few options when it comes to cushions. You could use the same number of cushions as you would for a three or four-seater sofa, or you could use more to fill out the extra corner space. 

We suggest using at least six cushions for a corner sofa, but feel free to experiment with various arrangements to find what works best for you. 

Create height and depth with different size cushions, Suzi advises. “It means everyone can have a comfortable place to rest their head, but this mix also means it’ll be visually interesting when there’s no one sitting there”.

One thing to keep in mind with a corner sofa is that you'll likely have more people sitting on it at once. This means you'll want to make sure there are enough cushions to go around.

how many cushions should you have on an armchair?
A dusty tan armchair with a yellow flower-shaped cushion on it.

Finally, if you have an armchair, you only need one to two cushions. This will give the chair a cosy and inviting feel without overwhelming it. 

You can use a larger cushion to make a statement or layer different textures to add visual interest.

Keep in mind that the size and style of your armchair will also play a role in how many cushions you use. If you have a larger chair, you could use two cushions to fill out the space. 

With a small occasional chair, one cushion will likely be enough.

When it comes to how many cushions you should put on your sofa, there's no one right answer. It all depends on the size of your sofa, the style of your living room, and your personal preferences. We hope this guide has given you some ideas for how to arrange cushions on your own sofa. Remember, decorating your home is a process and it will evolve (and get better!) over time as you figure out what you like and don’t like, and what works for your own space.


header image credit: @josietheinteriorstylist