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how to decorate your home with florals this summer.

A graphic floral bedding set in orange, lilac, pale green and yellow on a bed. There's an orange flower-shaped cushion resting on top.

blue skies, summer sun, bright florals.

Florals are a timeless design motif, but they’re particularly good at bringing in that bright and summery feel to a space. Whatever your style, there will be a type or style of floral print that you’ll fall head over heels for and can easily incorporate into your interior design scheme.

Take a look at our ideas for how you can decorate your home with florals this summer.

choosing the right floral prints and patterns.
A floral duvet cover set with a pattern of flowers and vines growing across it. The bed is dressed with pink and green cushions.
Wallflower Duvet Cover Set

When it comes to decorating for summer, florals are a must-have. They’re vibrant and fresh, offering you all the joys of the season. There are loads of different styles, designs and colours, so how do you use them in your own interiors to match your preferences?

"There's a floral for everyone! But finding the right one can be tricky. Cushions and curtains are a really easy and affordable way to try out a new print in your space, especially if you're unsure or feel a bit timid," our interiors expert and brand manager Anna says.

If bright, bold and tropical is your summer style, then these are the designs that should be your first port of call. They evoke summer holidays, jungle destinations and beachy vibes. If you prefer a more laidback and relaxed feel, then go for big prints in soft colours.

For a cohesive look and an easy update to your space, choose a floral print that’s a similar style or colour to your existing scheme.

bring the outdoors in with fresh flowers.
A living room with a set of fresh cut flowers in a vase in the centre
Paradise Velvet Cushion | @halfpaintedhouse

One of the best ways to decorate your home with florals this summer is to use actual flowers (groundbreaking, we know, but stay with us). There are actually loads of benefits to bringing in a fresh bouquet into your space.

First off, they make you feel more in touch with nature, which is great for improving your mood and reducing anxiety. It can even help lower blood pressure! A bunch of flowers in the middle of your dining table or on the console table as you arrive home can add a spruce to a space.

To make your use of flowers feel summery, make sure you include seasonal blooms as well as fruits and foliage. Lily of the Valley, forget me knot and cornflowers are all in season from May, as well as firm favourite, peonies. Use containers and vessels that fit your décor, like mason jars or vintage vases.

"Using fresh flower arrangements is also a great way to explore different blooms. You might even find favourites to incorporate into your décor in a more permanent way."

"If fresh flowers are not always available to you, I really recommend looking for dried flower posies. There are some amazing modern dried flowers available to buy online now, and they can be as bright and vibrant as the real thing. With the added bonus of them lasting forever!" Anna suggests.

enhance your living spaces with floral cushions.

For a seasonal update to your living space, a floral cushion (or two, or three!) adds lightness and brightness to your sofa. Layer them up with other summery prints like gingham, linen or fruit prints and create a super summer feel. All we need now is light streaming through the windows, the breeze gently rippling the curtains, and maybe an afternoon nap in the sun!

A set of three of the same cushion in white, lilac and gold, respectively. The pattern features bees and delicate flowers.
Country Bee Cushions

Country Bee Cushions

Add a pop of bright and beautiful florals with the Country Bee Cushion. Available in honey yellow, heather pink and a linen-look, there’s bound to be a colourway that suits your interior scheme. The bees and the flowers instantly feel like summer. Love bees? Don’t miss our bee-themed home décor collection.

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Gold chinoserie style patterned cushion with pink flowers and blue birds.
Chinoserie Cushion

Chinoiserie Cushion

With traditional Chinese motifs and vibrant colours, this cushion is a perfect option for injecting a bit of colour into a luxe space. Pink flowers take centre stage, with blue birds and butterflies only adding to the beauty of the piece. A piped trim and soft velvet fabric add some extra glamour.

Shop Chinoiserie Cushion - from £15.

A floral pattern cushion in sage green on a lilac velvet chair.
Wild Passion Creatures Cushion

Wild Passion Creatures Cushion

Fancy a bit more of a jungle vibe? This cushion gives you everything you need. With monochrome jungle animals set against colourful tropical flowers, fruit and foliage, you’ll be feeling like you’re on holiday on a tropical island in no time. What’s not to love?

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refresh your bedding with floral prints.

The sun is officially up before you are now, so you know what that means! It’s time to update your bedding for a more summery look. Go for a bold, colourful floral print duvet cover set to help you get up in the morning, or something more ditsy for a relaxed feel. If you want to go all in, mix and match floral patterns in your duvet cover, cushions and throws for a super stylish granny-chic look.

"Blend different floral prints in different scales, ensuring there is some common ground, like colour, between the two." Anna recommends.

A bed with a metal bed frame and a blue and yellow ditsy floral duvet cover set. In the pattern you can see Peter Rabbit.
Florelli Peter Rabbit Duvet Cover Set

Florelli Peter Rabbit Duvet Cover Set

If wandering around English country gardens in bloom is your idea of heaven, then the Florelli duvet cover set from our Peter Rabbit collection is the perfect match. The pattern is a riot of colour and the reverse is a sunny yellow stripe – ideal for Saturday morning lie-ins.

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A lilac bedroom with a modern graphic floral pattern on the bedding.
Amelie Duvet Cover Set

Amelie Duvet Cover Set

Looking for a more retro feel? The Amelie duvet cover set features fun and fun-ky bold florals and botanicals in a super cute colourway of lilac, orange and coral pink. It’s cheeky and high contrast, making it perfect for kids and adults alike.

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A bed with a green floral duvet cover set on it, featuring a bright flower pattern that includes birds and butterflies too.
Pomelo Duvet Cover Set

Pomelo Duvet Cover Set

Summer is all about vibrant colour, and you can’t get any brighter or bolder than the Pomelo duvet cover set. With a green background that’s somewhere between sea green and mint, flowers in blue, pink and red, as well as colourful birds and butterflies, there’s no way this combination isn’t cheering you up!

Shop Pomelo Duvet Cover Set - from £22

create a charming dining experience with floral wallpaper.

Pretty convinced that you’re a floral lover by now? Why not make it a more permanent addition to your space with floral wallpaper! As we know, florals can be bright and bold or soft and delicate, so it can really help you create the space you want.

Go traditional with an elegant floral design for the walls and timeless décor, or make a modern statement with something unexpected like a black floral design – keep it summery with light fabrics and accents that you can swap out as the temperature cools.

A vase of flowers in the middle of your dining table is always a classic way to finish off an entertaining space too!

A bedroom with a pink floral patterned wallpaper with blue and pink flowers on.
Azalea Wallpaper

Azalea Wallpaper

For an effortlessly feminine and romantic feel to your dining room, go for a pink floral wallpaper like our Azalea print. Whether you go for a feature wall or go all in for patterned walls, pair with floaty blush or natural curtains, pink and purple accents for a sweet look.

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A tropical style wallpaper pattern with an abundance of florals and animals set on a dark black background
Kala Wallpaper

Kala Wallpaper

Add a dose of fun pattern and texture with the Kala wallpaper. The tropical leaves and bright florals hide zebras, elephants and monkeys, perfect for creating a jungle-themed maximalist space to host friends and family in. Just serve up some exotic delights!

Shop Kala Wallpaper - from £38

A living room with a floral patterned wallpaper with intertwining figs, passionflowers and foliage on a pale background.
Figaro Wallpaper

Figaro Wallpaper

This wallpaper from Paoletti is so versatile. You could go for a traditional farmhouse style and pair with ornate lighting, mirrors and a jug of flowers, or something more relaxed with light wood, a fun, informal gallery wall and eclectic dining chairs. The world is your oyster!

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spruce up your outdoor space.

The beauty of outdoor spaces is that you can include an abundance of florals, both real and as a print, so if you’re a floral fanatic, you can really go wild! Whether you want to create an abundant cottage garden, a tropical jungle, or a minimalist, structural space, you can use potted plants, hanging baskets and floral outdoor cushions and rugs to make sure your space truly reflects your style.

"If you're not green fingered, leafy and floral prints can add nature to your garden in an instant. Try combining green tones with floral prints of your choice - mother nature is an expert at this, and it works every time!" Anna advises.

An outdoor cushion with an aqua background and illustrations of garden birds on.
Midnight Garden Birds Outdoor Cushion

Midnight Garden Birds Outdoor Cushion

Featuring three pretty birds perched on a selection of flower stems, this cushion might just be the thing that turns your garden into a space you can’t wait to spend time in. It’s perfect for encouraging the wildlife into your outdoor space, too.

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A vibrant floral outdoor cushion with a green background and bright pink poppies.
House of Bloom Poppy Outdoor Cushion

House of Bloom Poppy Outdoor Cushion

For bold, bright colour, this Wylder cushion has a big impact, especially if you have a yard or balcony. The vivid pink, hand-painted poppies instantly feel like summer, transforming your space into a place ready for sunbathing, gardening and playing.  

Shop House of Bloom Poppy Outdoor Cushion - from £11

A decked outdoor space with an orange floral patterned rug in a folk art style.
Folk Flora Outdoor Rug

Folk Flora Outdoor Rug

Going for a laidback, boho garden space? This rug is inspired by traditional folk art, and we can’t get enough! Pair with rattan furniture, layers of tasselled throws, relaxed outdoor floor cushions and lots of lush foliage, and you’re there.

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