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Floral Wallpaper

indulge in wallflower fantasies with abundant floral wallpaper.

Whether you’re bloom-obsessed, thoroughly green-fingered or craving a nature-inspired space – let your interior blossom with our radiant range of floral wallpaper. Breathe life into any room with leafy jungle botanicals, or embrace country nostalgia with ditsy meadow blooms. Soothe with deep blues and greens, or let it glow with summery brights. Shop the collection.

Our floral wallpaper is super simple to hang, using an efficient paste-the-wall application that’s ideal for beginners. Just paste your wall, hang your paper – et voila! Bag as many samples as you like for just £1 each, and get up close with the finer details of our designs. Once you’re ready to order, find the exact number of wallpaper rolls you’ll need with our handy usage calculator, located on each product page.

Floral Wallpaper


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Surround your space in the healing forms and hues of nature with our floral wallpaper collection. From spring-blooming azaleas to delicate dahlia stems, to green floral wallpaper with lush leafy scenes – our signature designs are exquisitely detailed, guaranteed to elevate any space while making an unforgettable statement.

Our entire range is paste-the-wall – a simple application method that’s designed for ultimate ease and efficiency. There’s no need for soaking, booking or spending hours at a pasting table. Just put the paste straight on your wall, apply the paper and allow it to dry. Use our £1 sample service for a closer look at the designs on offer, and find out exactly how much floral wallpaper you’ll need with our simple usage calculator – found on each product page.

Never wallpapered before, or just need some inspiration? We’ve got a huge selection of handy guides and expert design tips to help you out. Learn everything you need to know about transforming your walls with our wallpaper buying guide, or get a step-by-step breakdown of the fitting process with our detailed guide on how to wallpaper.

how to style floral wallpaper.

Turn any space into a statement with stunning floral wallpaper. While often associated with more traditional styles, there are plenty of ways to bring floral beauty to your walls while maintaining a modern touch.

Use dark wallpaper in your bedroom to create a cosy three-dimensional sense of depth. Choose a large-scale pattern to keep things feeling open and expansive, and use warming shades of charcoal grey and rich navy blue for an added touch of elegance.

Nothing screams modern like wallpapering your bathroom, bringing a sleek touch of style to an often under-utilised space. Go with pink, yellow or green floral wallpaper to complement the nature-inspired feel, and finish with luxe metallic fittings for an elevated, premium vibe. 

what curtains go with floral wallpaper?

Floral wallpaper tends to be vibrant and powerful, so it’s important that you strike the right balance when pairing it up with curtains, upholstery and other accents in your room. The colours, patterns, and amount of natural light in your space should all be taken into account when choosing a wallpaper design.

If you’re going with bright green or pink floral wallpaper with a lively design, use plain curtains in a darker hue to create a satisfying contrast. This will bring a sense of depth and balance to your space, drawing the eye to your curtains while ensuring your wallpaper still stands out. Brighter wallpaper is a must for north-facing rooms or social spaces like the living room, bringing a vital energy and openness that will stop your space feeling gloomy.

For dark floral wallpaper, use bright curtains in white, cream or yellow shades to uplift your space. This approach is perfect for a cosy bedroom scheme, enveloping the room in warming tones while providing just enough colour and light. Choose a large pattern for your floral wallpaper, and create visual interest by using smaller motifs on curtains and other accents.