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Floral Wallpaper.

bring the essence of nature to your home.
Whether you have a green thumb, or just wish you did, our floral wallpaper will look perfect in your home. Looking for warm botanicals, blooming buds, or dainty foliage? We have a wide range of flower prints in various colourways to suit any style. If it’s too much to choose from, we offer samples to help you decide! Shop the collection.Perfect for busy households and sticky fingers, our floral wallpaper range is durable, wipeable, and easy to apply - saving you time and money. We even have a wallpaper calculator to help you find the amount of wallpaper you’ll need to order – decorating has never been easier!

Floral Wallpaper


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Become one with nature with our paste-the-wall floral wallpaper. Choose from a wide range of designs including jungle foliage, which will help unleash your wild side, or delicate garden roses in a pink floral wallpaper. Looking to bring your holiday home? Our Malaysian palm trees will have you feeling relaxed and sun-kissed without leaving your sofa!

Need help choosing? Read our buying guide for everything you need to know about buying wallpaper.

how to style floral wallpaper.

Floral wallpaper is a brilliant way to turn any room into a statement room. Though sometimes thought of as old fashioned, it’s all about the style you’ve chosen! Here’s how to make your home fabulously floral whilst also keeping it modern.

If you have decided to use floral wallpaper in your living room, consider opting for larger flowers to help give the illusion of a bigger room. Darker designs will give a ‘3D’ effect on your walls which will also help expand your space. 

Having floral wallpaper in your bathroom is a trend as old as time. Hanging pink or green floral wallpaper accompanied by a mirror over your sink will bring an extra dimension to your bathroom. Of course, you want to make sure not to hang your wallpaper near direct water and use splashbacks where possible to avoid any damage.

Use floral wallpaper in your kids’ rooms to introduce them to a world of colour. Ask your child how many colours they can see, if they can name any of the flowers or see any in their garden. Hold paper up to their walls and trace the shapes to create a fun activity sure to keep them busy for hours!

Your floral wallpaper doesn’t have to be on the main wall of the room, it can be under the stairs, between open shelves or even on the ceiling! Hang your wallpaper in unorthodox areas to create a true work of art.

To complete the look, use a solid colour from your wallpaper on adjacent walls and in décor. For example, use blue floral wallpaper with green leaves and paint the adjacent wall the same shade of blue. You could even use the green as an accent colour through accessories like green throws, to help bring the room together. 

floral frenzies throughout history.

Originating in China, floral designs on fabrics have been ‘en vogue’ since 618 AD. Silk was in high demand in Italy and when they purchased some from China, the Italians were blown away by the floral designs embroidered into them. 

Long before floral duvet cover sets, there was floral lace. Popular in Venice, many men and women would sport this floral lace on their outfits any chance they got through the 16th century. Eventually, in the 17th century someone in Persia decided to combine our two favourites – florals and velvet. Thank you, sir!

In the 17th century, florals found their way on to cotton in India, and the Brits obviously had to see what the fuss was about! 

More recently, us Brits have decided that having florals on our clothes, in our gardens and on our flags was not enough – and floral furniture was born. The 50’s introduced floral loveseats, curtains and of course floral wallpaper.

Finally, the 70’s came along, and all things fun, fancy and floral became the latest trend. Now, with just a click of a button you can get your hands on floral cushions, floral curtains, and fabulous floral wallpaper.