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how to pick the right throw for you.

a natural colour throw with ochre tassels is folded up and draped over a wooden bench. there is pampas grass in a tall vase on one side and a vase on the other.

Find the perfect throw for your style and needs with our guide.

A throw is a throw is a throw, right? Not exactly. There are loads of different types, for different uses and different places around your home. So picking the right throw for you can be a bit overwhelming sometimes!

But whether you’re planning on using a throw to style out your bed, to grab on cool summer nights outside or to layer up your sofa for style and warmth, we’re here to help you pick the right throw for you.

what is a throw?

A throw is just like a blanket, but lighter, smaller and easier to throw over yourself when it gets chilly.

before you go shopping for your throw.
a bed with orange and white bedding. there's a natural throw and an orange throw layered on the bottom. there's a tray and flowers on top of it. the walls of the bedroom are white, and the door is blue. the back of a child wrapped up in a cream fleece throw, they are huddled around a log burning fire to keep warm
@therowe | @henrickhouse

Before you go off and start buying throws with wild abandon, there are some things to think about. While a lot of throws are affordable enough to buy with little thought, we like a considered purchase that makes sure you get what you need out of your throw (and it doesn’t end up unused and unloved – or worse, thrown away.)


First, think about what the purpose of your throw is. What room is it for and what will it do within that room? Is it purely for decoration, or do you need it to provide warmth too? 


Material is another consideration to have before you make a throw purchase. Think about the way you want your throw to feel and how much maintenance you can put in. A cotton throw for example, is great for warmer temperatures and are easy to throw in the wash when it gets a bit grubby. On the other hand, a faux fur throw is heavy and luxe, but may need more care. 


You wouldn’t want to end up with a throw that’s not big enough to cover your bed the way you want, or something that swamps the armchair you’re trying to effortlessly drape over. Size is important – so get a sense of what you’re looking for, and always double check the measurements before you buy.

colour and style.

The fun bit! How your new throw fits in with your new or existing interior scheme is definitely something to think about before you buy. There are loads of different styles of throws, from airy textured throws perfect for a minimalist space, to knitted ones ideal for a country space. Are you going for boho? Then a global pattern might be the one for you. Need something that will complement a glam room? A throw in a rich jewel tone will be perfect.     


And lastly, think about your budget. You can spend as much or as little as you want on a throw – we have a plethora of options that will suit your purse and your style – but it’s important to think about what you want to spend (especially if you’re redecorating the rest of the room too!).

different types of throws.
a grey corner sofa layered with an array of grey cushions, as well as a silver throw. there is a tray with flowers and a coffee on. a grey outdoor sofa on a sunny day, layered up with jute cushions and a soft pink throw.
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fleece throws.

Looking for irresistible softness and warmth? Fleece is one of the best materials for throws if you want your throws to be practical. Generally they are made from polyester, which means they trap heat in effectively. You can get them in both plain and pattern designs, as well as in a wide range of colours too. Fleece throws are great value for money too – making them a great option whatever your budget.

knit throws.

A knit throw adds texture into the mix. The woven nature of a knitted throw means that the design will often include elements like tassels, fringing, raised elements or a waffle texture. The knit also easily traps air, making it a great addition to the bed or sofa when it’s chilly. While the pattern might not be as intricate as a printed fleece, you’ll often see stunning stripes, herringbone and geometric designs. 

cotton throws.

Cotton throws are ideal for summer. They’re made of natural materials, which means that cotton throws are breathable – perfect for sleeping under on hot nights or snuggling with on cooler evenings outside. Often lighter and thinner than other throws, cotton ones are easy to store too, perfect if you don’t have much space. 

waffle throws.

Waffle texture is created through a particular way of weaving the fibres. It’s also known as honeycomb. Because of the nature of the weave, waffle throws naturally traps air and makes it a super snuggly throw. 

faux fur throws.

Looking for luxe? You can’t go wrong with a faux fur throw! They’re plush and indulgent, perfect for layering on beds and over arm chairs in the cooler months, or all year round if you’re all about that ultra glam look. Faux fur throws come in all sorts of colours too, so there’s no need to stick to natural or neutral!

sherpa throws.

Sherpa throws takes fleece up a notch. With a soft fleece on one side, the other has a faux sheepskin effect, making the throw thick, plush and ultra luxurious. They’re ideal for getting super snuggly when it’s cold.