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introduce luxe style to your home: luxury interior.

emerald quilted duvet set with luxe cushions

“luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” – Coco Chanel, fashion designer.

Luxury is opulence. Luxury is elegance. Luxury is rich velvet hues, faux fur throws and quilted bedding you just can’t wait to sink into. Bringing elegance into your home is an acquired taste, mixing deep colours with modern patterns and tying it all together with metallic accessories. Whether you’re trying to bring a sense of grandness to your bedroom, or want to explore the luxe home style throughout your living spaces, it’s essential you get it right without overdoing it.

what is luxury interior design?
exotic animal velvet duvet cover set in bedroom with navy wall close up of exotic animal velvet duvet cover set in bedroom with navy wall

The luxe interior style is one that stands out from the crowd – it’s mesmerising, elegant and confident, making any room turn into a lavish pad that is bound to impress. Luxury is often associated with deep and striking colours such as wine red, rich purple, navy blue and metallics such as gold and silver. Animal prints like cheetah and leopard print are also common in luxe interior design.

Luxe isn’t afraid to be bold with textures, focusing on the most luxurious of materials such as faux fur and smooth velvet with the finest of finishes, reflecting your inner royal. Of course, you don’t need a castle to nail luxury, even the smallest of bathrooms or plainest of bedrooms can ooze sumptuousness with the correct decor and colour palette.

Immerse your home in luxurious bedding, timeless accessories and decadent wallpaper to show that you enjoy the finer things in life.

a brief history of luxe home style.
pile of faux fur luxury cushions in blue, green, red and rust gold quilted velvet duvet set on bed |

Luxury style has been around for centuries, usually reflecting the homes of the wealthy. From the gold-encrusted walls of the Palace of Versailles in the late 1600s to the grand homes and hotels of today, luxury is a trend that will continue to stay for decades to come.

The earliest form of luxury was reflected in late 1600s fashion, with extremely wealthy European royals creating garments made from silks and velvets, with stunning beading hand-embroidered into them. Gold and silver were a sign of extreme power, hence their presence on not only gowns but walls and furniture.

In today’s time, the idea of luxury has somewhat kept its shape. The luxury interior is associated with a deep and rich colour palette that isn’t afraid to edge on maximalism, yet always remains elegant. Textures such as faux fur and velvet are direct descendants of the late 1600s, imitating the stand-out signs of wealth.

how to create a luxurious home.

Evoke a sense of opulence with luxury home interiors, built upon rich materials with sultry hues and intricate embroidery. Creating a luxurious home is a skilled art, as maintaining elegancy while not over simplifying designs can be tricky.

When experimenting with luxe style, it’s all in the details. Whether you opt for gold or silver accents, an array of the deepest colours or stunning textures, it’s a necessity to keep everything as classy and timeless as possible.

Luxury isn’t just about your style, it’s an attitude. It’s confidence and power.

textures galore.
pile of luxe faux fur cushions on white chair with rust faux fur throw

Yes, luxury is all about textures. There’s a point to why we keep mentioning it – it’s true. The idea of furs, velvets and silks was associated with those who were well-travelled and had an interest in quality materials , and developed across Europe, East and South Asia and East Africa.

You can introduce textures into your home through faux fur throws, velvet cushions and sateen bedding. Focussing on three main textures will bring a sense of coordination to your home, as you can introduce each texture in a different way to suit each room’s function. Soft textures such as velvet and sateen are perfect for the bedroom, while faux fur makes a great addition to living rooms.

deep colours + striking metallics
exotic animal velvet duvet cover set in bedroom with navy wall

A luxe home is one that doesn’t shy away from colour. Although some styles prefer stripped-back neutrals, luxe is all about sultry shades that create a sense of grandeur. Think deep, burgundy red, energising emerald and rich yellow that almost mirrors gold. Choosing a suitable shade of each colour to reflect such luxury is where the secret is at.

Are you a gold lover, or sucker for silver? It’s your choice, but metallics are perfect for accents and finishing touches such as table lamps, mirrors or luxe cushions.

One way to bridge the gap between simple and sumptuous is by opting for a luxury wallpaper as an accent wall, or if you’re feeling brave, envelop as much of your space as you’d like. From beautifully detailed jungle motifs and floral murals to basic yet lavish designs, wallpaper can take your interior to the next level.

bold patterns.
Artemis botanical duvet set on bed with blush pink wall

Not only can you experiment with deeper shades, you can also introduce patterns that have withstood the test of time – animal print. You heard it here first, leopard print is definitely still in fashion. So, whether it’s cheetah or leopard print, welcome it into your luxe home for the ultimate opulent look.

Other prints associated with luxury include jacquard, botanical, and geometric patterns. Avoid mixing too many of these together as this will give your space a disorganised feel, but using one or two as unique nods to timeless style is perfect.

Do you want to indulge in luxury? If you enjoy the finer things in life and want that to be reflected through your interior style, luxe home decor is definitely for you. This style radiates plush preferences, and can be a serious head-turner when it comes to the most influential interior design styles out there.

Faux fur throws, textured pillows and gorgeous velvet curtains are key to a decadent space. Encapsulate a sense of timeless elegance by mixing beautiful colours and patterns that radiate grandness to nail the luxury feel in your home. Luxe interior style is achievable without the budget or castle of a French royal.