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Bee inspired with our bee bedding, cushions and accessories

Bee bold. Bee brave. Bee you.

It’s officially bee season, creating a buzz with your interior accessories has never been easier. Bees are a symbol of diligence, activity and hard work. It’s no surprise that the signature black and gold bee motif has taken the interiors world by storm.

Nothing quite confirms the arrival of spring like the first bumblebee sighting of the year as they emerge from hibernation. The returning presence of bees brings hope that milder weather is on the way, a comforting sign that nature is buzzing back to life after those quiet winter months.

save the bees.

In recent years, the public awareness for the importance of bees has drastically increased. With the urge for people to live more sustainably, bees have become a symbol for the devastating effects of climate change. The dramatic drop in bees began back in 2005. Since then, many campaigns have been launched worldwide to raise global awareness of the likelihood of bees becoming extinct, and the enormous impact it would have on our ecosystems.

Needless to say, bees have gained so much recognition for the work that they do. And along with the public awareness, there is a worldwide concern for these little insects.

The popularity of our hardworking little friends has resulted in a stunning trend for both the fashion and interior markets. This bee trend is not just a passing phase; the signature motif has evolved into an appreciation for our buzzy little friends, which looks to be here to stay.

let us inspire you.

At furn. we have the sweetest range of duvet sets, cushions and draught excluders, all paying homage to the humble bee. We caught up with Louisa from @life_at_no37 and Katie from @aflickofpaint to find out what they think of the bee trend and why they have some of our bee cushions in their home.

(Left cushion: Bee You Repeat Cushion / Right cushion: Species Bees Cushion
Photo credit @life_at_no37

furn: Hi Louisa, thanks so much for taking the to speak with us. We LOVE following your Instagram account @life_at_no37
Louisa: No worries! Thank you so much for asking me to be a part of this. I love styling your beautiful products.

f: So this interiors bee trend seems to be here to stay. What do you think of it?

L: I love it! Bees are essential to human life so why not bring them into your home. They are beautiful, fascinating creatures.

f: They really are. Can you tell us why did you picked your bee cushions?
L: I was instantly drawn to the colours & the pattern of the bees on the cushions, especially the Species Bees Cushion! I thought they would work perfectly in my bedroom so it was an easy decision. 

f: They really look stunning. Can you tell us more about how you’ve styled them?

L: Using inspiration from the colours of bees, I incorporated yellow & black cushions as a background for the main feature being the bee cushions. I wanted a simple background to enhance the colours of the accessories and therefore used white bedding so the eye has a focus point when walking into the room.
(Cushion: Cerana Royal Blue) Photo credit @aflickofpaint


f: Hi Katie, thanks for your time. You have a stunning home and we love following your instagram account @aflickofpaint. What do you think of the bee interior trend?
K: I think the bee interior trend is super cute. It’s good to celebrate our pollinating friends!

f: Absolutely! They're hard working little insects aren't they. Can you tell us why did you picked your bee cushion?

K: I loved the embroidered detail on the Cerana cushion, it was an easy choice!

f: It looks beautiful and right at home in your living room! Can you tell us more about how you’ve styled it?

K: Blue pink and green is my favourite colour combination so I’ve styled the cushion along side some others in that scheme. The gold detail brings out the other gold accents I have in my living room. It was a perfect match to be honest.

Inspirational Customer Images

Our bee accessories seem to be super popular amongst our customers. If you’re still not quite convinced and unsure of how to style them, let us give you a little inspiration.

(Front cushion: Bumble Yellow / Behind cushion: Nectar PowderPhoto credit @lillyswatercolours

(Duvet Set: Bee Deco / Cushion: Nectar PowderPhoto credit @athomewiththeraines
(Cushion: Bumble EmeraldPhoto credit @riponhouse1887