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the best bee decor for a honey-sweet home.

buzz, buzz – and we can’t stress this enough – buzz.

Flowers are in full bloom, hibernation is over, and all across the country, fuzzy, sleepy heads are peering out of hives. It can mean but one thing – bee season is once again upon us. Honey, they’re home!

It’s hard not to love bees. They’re loyal, they’re cooperative, they have jobs, and they literally do a little dance to communicate. Possessing a sense of groove and a stable employment is more than can be said for a lot of us humans, so there’s probably a thing or two we can learn from our busy little comrades.

world bee day.
@julie_and_hania | World Bee Day

With World Bee Day 2023 on the 20th of May buzzing its way ever-nearer, we’re challenging ourselves and spreading the word to Bee Engaged in creating a more pollinator-friendly planet. Bees are in big trouble, and it’s about time we returned the help they’ve been giving us for the past 120 million years or so.

You can do your bit to get busy this Bee Day by checking out the great swarm of resources available at – including guides on how to make your garden more bee-friendlyhow to make your own bee hotel and a free action pack for protecting wild bees.

In celebration of our black and amber buddies, we’re bringing you 5 of our favourite bee-themed decor pieces to bring some buzz to your home. Whether you’re a sucker for sun-kissed stripes, weak for wildflower chic or can’t get enough of our glimmering bee deco range – we’ve got a full bee decor collection to pollinate your space with honey-sweet hive vibes.

colony-inspired cushions.
House of Bloom Outdoor Cushion

Enrich your outdoor space with a barrage of wild meadow florals this summer with the House of Bloom Zinnia Bee Outdoor Cushion in Navy. The busy spring design blossoms with bright bumblebees and fresh pasture blooms, with a rich navy base tone making the perfect tranquil background. The spectacular fuchsia pink reverse cements this cushion as the quintessential patio show-stealer – sure to draw the eyes of garden guests and bypassing bees alike.

Check out the House of Bloom range for a full burst of signature springtime designs, and head over to our bee cushions collection if you fancy turning your home or garden into a full-on hive of nature-inspired style.

work-free wallpaper.
Bee Deco Wallpaper Navy

The perfect space-changing  solution for tired worker bees who don’t have hours to spend fiddling and fussing with messy wallpaper – introducing our paste-the-wall Bee Deco Gold Foil Wallpaper in Navy. Its gilded honeycomb pattern harkens back to the glamour of mid-century and Art Deco interiors, while a rich night blue base and intricate bee illustrations lend a moodier, contemporary edge.

Our paste-the-wall wallpaper is designed to take the work out of wallpapering. Simply spread your adhesive over the wall and pop your wallpaper on top. No need for a pasting table or long hours spent soaking – paste-the-wall is quick, tidy and goes straight from roll to wall. You can add a £1 wallpaper sample to your bag if you’re still undecided, and make sure to check out our Inspiration Blog for a full guide on how to wallpaper.

bedding worth the buzz.
Midnight Bee Bedding

Fancy resting your head in the alluring sanctuary of a midnight wild garden? Silly question, we know – that’s why we’ve designed the Midnight Bee Floral Velvet Duvet Set in Black. Dramatically jet black, intricately hand-drawn and teeming with radiant contrasts of bold wildflower hues, it’s every bee-obsessive’s bedding heaven.

The signature design is digitally imprinted on sumptuously soft velvet feel fabric, ensuring your nightly hibernation feels as cosy as it should be. Our midnight garden range is swarming with similar nature-inspired designs, and you can find loads more bedding and cushions that celebrate the natural world aesthetic in our Wylder range.

queenly cloths.
Bee Deco Towel in Blush

No bee-themed abode is complete without a style-pollinated powder room, and our Bee Deco Geometric Jacquard Towels in Blush offer the perfect shimmering solution. Pale baby pink makes a serenely soothing background for our honeycomb bee deco design, and the inverted reverse tones introduce a stunningly summery contrast.

Made with 100% ringspun cotton for next-level softness that’s sumptuously smooth against skin, this towel carries a plump 550 GSM (grams per square metre) thickness, meaning effortless absorption and an irresistible cushiony texture. It’s fully OEKO-TEX® certified for sustainable production, and the colour-retaining design means your bathroom will be buzzing with fresh shades far into the future.

flower-powered fragrance.
Bee Deco Divine Fragrance

You can’t devote your decor to the brilliance of bees without getting some sweet scents in the mix. From the mouthwatering aroma of thick, gloopy honey to the fresh scent of spring florals – bees are famously fragrant little creatures. Our Bee Deco Divine Home Fragrance Gift Set brings the quintessential nectarous whiff of natural perfumes – from head notes of citrussy bergamot and plum through to a wholesome heart of rose and sweet honey.

Our home fragrance gift sets offer a better-value bundle on our entrancing home fragrance range. They come with a scented candle, reed diffuser and room spray in matching scents – bringing you a tantalising trio of glorious aromas that’ll bring a fresh lift to any space. If we’ve caught your attention, find out more about the full home fragrance range with our introducing… home fragrances guide.