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Evans Lichfield

great british designs with evans lichfield.

Add a charming touch to your living spaces with Evans Lichfield – a heritage brand that celebrates scenes and icons from the Great British countryside. We have cushions and draught excluders as well as made to measure curtains and blinds to provide you with the utmost comfort, warmth, and cosiness in your home. Shop the collection.

Explore Evans Lichfield and find adorable wildlife in hand painted designs – featuring everything from hopping hares and hugging hedgehogs to buzzing bees and birds of paradise. Whether you like geometrics, florals, or abstract patterns, we have them all in a whole host of gorgeous colours – with neutral, bright, and pastel shades to complement your interiors.


Evans Lichfield


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Wander into our Evans Lichfield range and discover quality British made home furnishings to add a touch of heritage to your interiors. Full of personality and charm – their made to measure curtains and blinds, draught excluders, cushions and outdoor cushions will take you on a wonderful walk through the Great British countryside, jungle, or desert.

It’s time to accessorise and inject your unique style into the home. Providing you with warmth, privacy, and snuggly cosiness – our Evans Lichfield collection marries function with finesse, and flora with fauna, perfectly. And they’re all manufactured and designed here in the UK.

So, whether you’re in search of a cushion to liven up the living room, a pair of curtains to add a touch of nature to the home office, a blind to upgrade the kitchen, or a draught excluder to save you a few extra pennies on the energy bill, look no further. With so many wild and whimsical designs to choose from, with Evans Lichfield you’re sure to find your perfect soft home furnishing. 

blooming with colour.

A totally transformative tool in interior design, a splash of colour works wonders in updating your spaces. You’ll find all the glorious shades of the natural world in our Evans Lichfield collection.

Treat yourself to a view of forest greens, pollen yellows and sunset reds. Or walk on the wild side and brighten up with vibrant magenta, sky blue, and zesty citrus shades. 

Welcome in the neutrals and create light and airy spaces with white, cream, and beige hues. Perhaps you prefer it a little on the moody side, if so, there’s dramatic blacks and sophisticated greys to sit upon your sofa-scape, hang at your window, or put along the bottom of the door to banish draughts.

plain or patterned?

Whether you love a patterned or plain design, there are plenty of both. Evans Lichfield pride themselves on their adorable animal designs, so expect to see everything from prickles of hedgehogs and frolicking foxes to the cutest highland cows – perfect for a country or rustic themed home.

Our Evans Lichfield collection features a whole host of feminine floral and beautiful botanical designs. Add a modern touch with symmetrical and geometric floral patterns or go classic with hand-painted wildflowers. 

And if patterns aren’t your thing, there’s a plethora of plain designs to choose from. Many of our Evans Lichfield cushions and draught excluders feature a stylish plain reverse, meaning if you can’t quite decide between patterned or plain, you can get both.

think fabrics.

Fabrics are what Evans Lichfield does best – they’ve been doing it for over 30 years! Explore the collection and find all manner of super-soft and durable materials that are lovingly manufactured to last. 

For a totally luxurious addition to your rooms, we have elaborate linens, sumptuous velvets, and cotton rich blends to supply your home with exceptional quality. Discover jacquard weaves and embroidered details for a crafted finish. And there are knitted numbers if you love all things cosy. 

who is evans lichfield?

Evans Lichfield is renowned as a trusted and timeless British brand. From concept to finished product, their beautiful soft home furnishings are lovingly designed and manufactured in their Staffordshire factory. Priding themselves on their affordable quality – their products are seen all through the UK.