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design spotlight: Azalea.


Discover the inspiration behind our popular design, Azalea and the products that this beautiful floral pattern is featured on.

Flowers are a symbol of lasting beauty, given to loved ones to express a variety of human emotions. Being surrounded by nature has been known to boost moods and ease stress. If flowers are known to soothe and bring relaxation, why wouldn’t you want to fill your home with flowers? Or even better, for beautiful florals that will last forever, transform your home into a garden of delights with our stunning Azalea design.

Inspiration for our bold and vibrant Azalea design has come from the stunning azalea shrub that belongs to the Rhododendron family. It's a plant that blooms in spring and is known for brightly coloured long lasting flowers that range in colour from white, pink to even the deepest of scarlet.

Azaleas have been around for 70 million years and there are currently more than 150 varieties. Native to Japan and China, the Azalea is a tough plant which even manages to grow and flower in the Himalayas.

In different cultures, the symbolism of the Azalea varies. In China, the Azalea is a symbol of womanhood and is known as the ‘I’m thinking of home bush’. In Japan, giving someone an Azalea symbolises giving them happiness. In the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Azalea is the symbol of the city and it is also a much loved national flower of Nepal.

In complete contrast to the love of the brightly coloured flowers, Azaleas were once so famous for their toxicity that receiving a bouquet of their flowers was once a well-known death threat - yikes!

(Pictured: A flowering Azalea plant with beautiful pink blooms)

Our bold and colourful Azalea design has been created in our Yorkshire studio by our team of talented designers. The flowers are carefully drawn and painted by hand, before being digitally manipulated and transformed into three stunning and completely unique colourways of red, bamboo, pink.

The popular Azalea design is used to create a vibrant collection of stunning reversible duvet cover sets, UK-made cushions, gorgeous  wallpaper and even made to measure blinds.

Photo credit: @number30eight (Products pictured: Azalea Bamboo duvet cover set and Fiesta Bamboo/Gold cushions)

Duvet cover sets.
For mood boosting bedding that you will absolutely love climbing into, look no further! Add instant happiness to your bedroom with our stunning Azalea duvet sets. Available in three unique colourways that feature a contrasting white floral reverse which gives you two looks in one, perfect if you fancy a midweek switch up.

A floral design digitally printed onto beautifully soft polycotton fabric. Polycotton bedding is typically best known for its easy care qualities. The polyester content in the material composition means that polycotton duvet cover sets dry faster than cotton bedding, which is perfect for people that are short on time. Often very little ironing is required as polycotton bedding has significantly less creases after washing. Our Azalea duvet cover set is easy to care for, soft to the touch, whilst also being durable.

Available in sizes single, double, king and super king. Single duvet cover sets are supplied with one matching pillowcase, double king and super king contain two.

Duvet cover sets pictured left to right: Azalea Pink, Azalea Bamboo, Azalea Red (discontinued).


Azalea makes an incredible wallpaper - it's bursting full of colour and personality. Like the rest of the range, you can find Azalea wallpaper in three different colours. All our wallpaper is paste-the-wall, which means that you don't have to paste the wallpaper and 'book' it. Instead, as the name suggests, you simply paste the wall and hang the wallpaper. This is perfect for newbie decorators and those who are short on space or time. 

These wallpapers will work perfectly everywhere, from maximalist bathrooms to country living rooms. 

 Products pictured: Azalea Wallpaper in Yellow/Green.


Made to Measure Curtains + Roman Blinds.

Add a pop of colour and pattern to your windows with a made to measure Azalea blind or set of curtains. When it comes to curtains, you can choose from a range of headings and linings, so you can personalise it to exactly what you want for your space. For more information on our made to measure curtains, take a look at our made to measure curtain buying guide

Our made to measure blinds are all roman in style, which is an elegant option for any room. With gentle pleats and a high quality feel, our roman blinds are ideal for an elevated window dressing.


Whether you decide to go for the duvet set, curtains or cushions, introducing the Azalea floral design to your home will instantly cheer up your interiors!