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Face Cloths

wash the day away with our face cloths.

Discover our range of soft face cloths, perfect for gently cleaning faces. All our face cloths are 650gsm combed cotton, so they’re soft, fluffy and plush - a little bit of luxury in your everyday. Available in a wide range of colours, you can choose the perfect shade to make your bathroom look even more beautiful. Shop the collection today. They’re designed with a smart basket weave finish, for an effortlessly neat and stylish look. Choose from neutrals like white, grey and oatmeal, as well as beautiful colours blush pink, ochre yellow and teal blue.

Face Cloths


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Soft and plush, our 100% combed cotton face cloths are perfect for washing your face at the end of the day. We have a variety of colours, so matching them to your bathroom’s colour scheme is easy.

Need a whole new set? Our towel collection includes bath sheets, bath towels, hand towels as well as face cloths. You can also create your own sets of towels.

For more information, take a look at our towel buying guide where you’ll find help on sizes, gsm and more.

face cloth vs wash cloth vs flannel.

The humble face cloth has many names. Traditionally it is a square shape, around 30cm by 30cm, and goes by the name of face cloth, wash cloth and flannel, depending on where you’re from. They are usually made from towel material. Ours are made from plush combed cotton, with a 650gsm thickness, so they feel extra luxurious.  

how to wash a face cloth.

Your face cloth is used every day, maybe even twice a day, which means dirt can build up quickly. Add in the warm, moisture-heavy environment of the bathroom, and you have a recipe for bacteria growth! To make sure you limit this as much as possible, wash your washcloth at least every three days.

Once you’ve used it, rinse out any dirt, and let it air dry before putting it in the washing basket (you don’t want it to sit, wet, in with your other laundry as that can cause mildew).

Wash your face cloth with other towels and wash cloths – avoid putting it in with clothes as it can cause damage to both your towels and the rest of your laundry. Pop it on a regular cycle – white and light face cloths can go on a hot wash and darker coloured face cloths should be washed with warm water to help preserve the colour.