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Black Velvet Cushions

treat yourself to timeless luxury with black velvet cushion covers.

Combining the opulence of velvet with the ageless appeal of black, you won’t find a classier collection than our black velvet cushions. Journey your way through jazzy jungle scenes set at midnight, groovy geometrics in glossy cut velvet, or keep things clean with jet black velvet and contrasting piped trims – all available in a dramatic range of granite, smokey charcoal and pure black shades. Shop the collection.

Whether you’re hell-bent on all things black, craving the sumptuous softness of velvet or simply thinking of treading on the darker side of decor – our black velvet cushion covers are your ideal match. Many of our cushions are designed right here in the UK at our Yorkshire studio, and move on for manufacturing at our factory in Staffordshire. Choose from our luxurious duck feather or durable polyester inner pads, or order your cushion cover separately and fill it yourself.

Black Velvet Cushions


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There’s a good reason why black has, is and always will be such a popular shade in the world of decor and interiors. The drama-filled, achromatic essence of black makes it one of the most powerful colours you can use in the home – and our black velvet cushions capture that power perfectly. Whether you want the classic style statement of jet black velvet, the smoky mystique of a dusty charcoal shade or the striking contrast of a multicoloured exotic design – we’ve got black velvet cushion covers to suit every stripe of interior taste.

Convinced that black is the new black? Make sure to check out the rest of our black home furnishings. Snuggle into a starry night’s sleep with our jet black bedding, keep the chill and the glare out with quality black curtains or paste your space in classic beauty with our black wallpaper.

If you’re needing some inspiration, our blog is teeming with handy guides and expert styling tips. We’ve got helpful breakdown on how to clean velvet cushions, as well as style-based advice like what colour cushions go with your sofa colour and how to arrange cushions on your bed.

what colours go with black velvet cushions?

From the legendary drama of monochromatic black and white to fully blacked-out gothic schemes, just about every space can benefit from a touch of black. It’s a long-held wisdom of interior design that black pairs beautifully with just about any colour, so you don’t have to worry about your black velvet cushions clashing once you introduce another shade. However, there are certain shades which make a standout combination with black, so read on to find your dream colour scheme.

Black and white is one of the most classic and time-tested colour pairings out there. From striking zebra prints to the quirky sophistication of monochromatic checkerboard patterns, blending black with white is always a timeless statement. Introduce a middle ground of grey or cream cushions to soften the look, and bring in tons of textures to keep things feeling layered and interesting.

Blue and black is a royally sophisticated combo that makes an ideal fit for soothing bedroom schemes. Think black velvet cushions paired with rich navy blue numbers, and factor in some jacquard or embroidered patterning for an added lick of luxury. If you’re feeling something a bit fresher, pale green tones of mint and eucalyptus offer an exciting pairing, while summery butter-yellow shades are ideal for a sun-soaked living room scheme.

how to style black velvet cushions.

A quick skim through our guide to colour psychology will tell you that black is a shade that’s all about edginess, attitude and experimentation – so there aren’t many strict rules when it comes to using it in your home. As a solid, grounding neutral that sits sweetly alongside just about any shade, the styling possibilities when decorating with black are virtually endless. However, as always, there are a few things you should keep in mind if a black decor scheme is calling your name.

We all know that black can be an intense colour, so you might want to think about different ways of cooling it down if you’re after a more seamless look. The showstopping drama of a monochromatic black and white scheme isn’t for everyone, so introduce a few shades that’ll soften the look if it’s all feeling like a bit too much. Go with a set of cream or beige curtains to lend a soothing sense of balance if your black-and-white scheme is feeling a bit severe.

Another great quality of black is its grounding effect. As a solid, aggregable neutral – black can be paired with a variety of earthy shades to create a cosy organic vibe. Pair your black velvet cushions with a variety of brown options in shades from taupe to cocoa, and dot in some indoor greenery to really capture the feeling of being grounded in nature. Polish off the look with wooden furniture and bronze-tinted accessories, and you’ll have a well-rounded colour scheme that’s rooted in the timeless beauty of black.