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Black Curtains

drape your space in drama with our statement black curtains.

Nothing brings a splash of character to a space like black, and our black curtains collection offers all the proof you need. Get drawn into our stunning selection of signature designs, from flourishing floral prints to daring jungle vistas, simple stripes and dazzling geometrics – all available in a range of sleek black and multicolour hues. Shop the collection.

Keep sizing simple with our affordable ready made curtains range, which make a great fit for most window spaces – or get your exact size down to the centimetre with our bespoke made to measure service. Embrace a traditional look with pinch and pencil pleat curtains, or opt for a contemporary twist with our stainless steel eyelet options. We’ve got 3-pass 100% blackout curtains if you’re a light or chilly sleeper, and plenty of options if you fancy something light and breezy too.

Black Curtains


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Fancy a healthy dose of drama for your window space? Look no further than our show-stopping selection of black curtains. Whether you’re looking for something still and serene, or black patterned curtains that bring a bold burst of energy – you’ll find your ideal match in our rich collection. We’ve got plenty of black ready made curtains if you’re working with a standard window space, as well as tailored made to measure options sized to the nearest centimetre, if you’re looking for a more precise fit.

Besotted with our black curtains? Make sure to check out the rest of our black home furnishings, from charcoal-hued cushions to bewitching bedding, statement black wallpaper and more. If you’re on a curtain-buying quest but aren’t sure where to begin, head over to our inspiration blog for a whole host of expert guides and style advice. Get off to a winning start with our introductory curtain buying guide, or get into the nitty-gritty of fitting with our simple curtain measuring guides.

Choose between elegant pinch and pencil pleat curtains for a traditional look, or go for a chic contemporary twist with our stainless steel eyelet options. All our curtains are printed on the finest of sumptuously soft fabric, from luxuriously heavy velvet and chenille to 100% cotton and polycotton blends that offer a lighter take.

what colours go with black curtains?

Although black is a famously dramatic hue that carries a lot of impact, it’s surprisingly versatile and easy to coordinate within any colour scheme. Like grey, white and beige, black is a neutral colour, meaning it will beautifully complement just about any other shade. This means the rules are a lot looser when decorating with black, and you don’t have to spend hours studying the colour wheel to come up with a winning combo. There are, however, a few standout colour combinations that’ll make your black curtains really pop.

If you’re looking for a colour scheme that’s simple and chic, look no further than the timeless combination of black and white. Monochrome schemes have been a firm favourite since the dawn of interior design, outlasting countless passing trends while staying thoroughly fashionable. Fulfil your black-and-white checkerboard fantasy by using white wallpaper as a powerful contrasting background to your black curtains, and scatter in a mix of black and white cushions to flesh out the motif. If things start feeling a bit flat, add pops of gold in your accessories and lighting to bring some life to the look.

For something a little warmer, try pairing your black curtains with a healthy spread of pastel pink accents. Go for a feature wall of pink wallpaper if you’re feeling especially adventurous, and ground the look with soothing grey wallpaper on the rest of the walls. Mix black, pink and grey cushions on your sofa or bed, and layer up with a toasty pink throw blanket.