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let the little details shine with our chic home accessories.

It’s the little things that make a perfect home, and our home accessories collection is all about bringing those finer details to the fore. From metallic mirrors and clocks to door stops, draught excluders and chic lighting fixtures – we’ve got every embellishment you need for a well-rounded modern home. Shop the collection.

Whether you’re looking to boost your bedroom, bring new life to your living room or sweeten up your bathroom with the breeziest of scents – our home accessories collection is full of stylish solutions. The finest UK craftsmanship goes into every one of our signature designs, nurtured and meticulously perfected by our talented design team.



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Update, elevate and embellish every corner of your home with our stunning selection of home accessories. From luxurious clocks and lighting fixtures to the most magnificent of wall-mounted mirrors, our collection is brimming with beautiful details that’ll make a statement in any space. Keep it classic and clean with muted minimalist designs, or let your personality run wild with a bright and bold addition.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our home accessories to leave no styling opportunity unexplored. Keep those chilly winter breezes at bay with our handy draught excluder cushions, sweeten up your space with a heavenly home fragrance set, or leave yourself open to a touch of personality with our charming novelty door stops. If you’re determined to declutter, we’ve even got handy woven storage baskets that’ll help you stow away in style.

Need help getting the ball rolling? Our inspiration blog is your ultimate source for informative guides and expert design ideas. Get to know our gust-busting cushions with our draught excluder buying guide, take home fragrance to new heights with our guide to scent-scaping your home, or learn how to curate a space that makes you smile with our 5 dopamine decor picks.

must-have home accessories.

Our extensive home accessories collection is packed with must-have additions for any contemporary home. Whether you’re after something no-fuss and functional, or you’d simply like a shiny new addition for the sake of style – we’ve got all the accessories you need for a well-embellished space.

A great lighting arrangement is something that should never be overlooked. With the unique ability to illuminate, motivate, focus attention and create atmosphere – the introduction of well-layered lighting can completely transform your space in an instant. Make a show-stopping statement with our striking ceiling and pendant lights, and bring some depth to your arrangement with our range of wall lights, floor lamps and table lamps.

Something soft and stylish underfoot is always a good idea, and our collection of rugs offers the perfect solution for your home. Brimming with eye-catching colours and dazzling designs for use both in and outside your home - it's a captivating collection you won't want to miss. Roll out a fresh layer of texture, colour and style with one of our signature designs, guaranteed to make any space feel a whole lot more inviting.

A curated home should be a sanctuary for all your senses, and that means indulging in some seriously sweet scents. Our home fragrance collection is bursting with heavenly aromas, from sweet bergamot and honey to earthy citrus and warming cinnamon notes. Choose from our candles, reed diffusers and room sprays, or treat that special someone with an all-in-one gift set.