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Blue Velvet Cushions

experience a touch of royalty with our blue velvet cushions.

Opulent, tactile and a timeless style statement – it’s hard to think of reasons why you shouldn’t include a touch of velvet in your décor. From muted summery blue shades adorned with dazzling animal and floral designs, to deep inky blue pieces that showcase velvet in all its elegant simplicity – our blue velvet cushions collection covers all tastes and styles. Shop the collection today.

Designed, printed and made in the UK from the finest quality velvet fabric, our cushions are as durable as they are stylish. Available as cover only or pre-filled with our hard-wearing polyester or washed duck feather pads, our cushions combine comfort with durability. They easily retain their shape for a freshly-plumped look and feel that doesn’t fade over time – perfect for the general rough and tumble that comes with busy family homes.

Blue Velvet Cushions


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Our selection of blue velvet cushions is the perfect combination of style and function, offering luxurious minimalist and bold designs woven from the highest quality velvet-feel polyester, polypropylene and duck feather materials. You can buy blue velvet cushion covers separately, or choose a pre-filled option with our durable polyester or washed duck feather pads. 

Our 100% hard-wearing polyester filling comes out on top for durability, easily retaining its shape over time for a freshly-plumped look that lasts. Its hollowfibre technology effectively traps air for a dreamily light and airy feel, and its synthetic properties make it the best option for allergy sufferers. 

Our 100% washed duck feather filling is all about plush comfort and luxury, so it’s the winning option if you’re looking for cloud-like softness. You’ll need to do some plumping with this filling option, but the sinking comfort and softness are second to none. 

Want to know more? Our helpful cushion inner pads blog post is full of handy information, and takes you through the finer details of finding the right cushion filling for you. 

how to style blue velvet cushions.

It only takes the tiniest touch of velvet to make a statement in your décor, which is why our blue velvet cushions are a quick and easy way to introduce some luxe to any space. Velvet is a diverse fabric, and there are tons of ways to bring it into most interior looks – all while maintaining that classic feeling of luxury. 

Pairing blue with red always creates a bit of interest when it comes to colour schemes, and using dark blue velvet alongside deep red can put a deluxe spin on this classic combination. Pair deep blue velvet cushions with some of our burnt orange bedding or cushions for a beautifully coordinated look that oozes class. If you’ve got some deep red wallpaper or ornaments in your space already, this look will work all the better. If you think about colour combinations, red and blue mix to make purple – so adding small details of purple will heighten the effect of this calming and refined look. 

A monochrome look that centres around black and white shades can be a bold and eye-catching colour scheme, but it can also come across a bit severe and dramatic. Bringing in some deep, inky blue is a perfect way to soften things up a bit while maintaining the sophisticated simplicity of your look. Layer in a blue velvet cushion or two on your sofa or bed, and stick mainly to monochrome accents like black or white cushions and black wooden furniture. The velvet texture will soften the monochromatic scheme’s intensity, and the touch of blue will introduce a subtle splash of colour.