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Draught Excluders.

chill out whilst keeping the chill, out.

Looking for a way to combine style and practicality? Look no further. Our draught excluder collection will not only keep the bills down and the heat up but will give you a chance to showcase your personality – even on the floor. We even have a range suited for every style and every room. Choose from printed wildlife designs, sumptuous soft velvets, and novelty designs to help you keep your home toasty and tasteful.Filled with a polyester inner, you won’t struggle to prevent draughts with our draught excluders. The majority of our collection has a zip closure, so you don’t need to worry about footprints or dirt – you can wash your draught excluder effortlessly with easy, removable covers.

Draught Excluders


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Our draught excluders are the perfect way to be more energy-efficient and complement your room’s style. Our unique collection ranges from vibrant yellows that will stand out against plain doors, to deep blues – perfect for a more subtle look.

The majority of our draught excluder cushions have a sofa cushion counterpart, allowing you to stick to a theme and coordinate effortlessly, and with a reversible side you’ll be able to switch it up whenever you like.

Can’t decide? Take a look at our buying guide for more information.

why the long cushion?

So, why buy a draught excluder? In this day and age we can all benefit from saving a few extra pounds and investing in a stylish draught excluder is a great way to keep bills low.

Winter is coming, and whilst we all love cuddling up on the sofa with a throw and a hot chocolate, having a cold home isn’t ideal. Placing a draught excluder at the bottom of your door will keep your room nice and toasty, letting you enjoy the winter weather from afar.  

So, now you know about draught excluders for doors, but did you also know you can have a draught excluder on your windowsill? Oh yes, windows are also the culprits for your shivers. There are many ways to combat this – Google will tell you to cover your window with bubble wrap… but that’s not really the look we’re going for. Instead, consider purchasing some draught excluders which are a fun, fashionable and affordable way to keep the heat in. 

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