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Draught Excluders

introduce gust-busting style to your space with warming draught exlcuders.

A seamless fusion of function and style, our dreamy draught excluders are the only cosy accessories you’ll need this winter. Filled with durable polyester pads and designed with a variety of finishes – from woodland scenes to printed slogans and toasty textured fabrics – decorate your doorway with dazzling brights, or keep it subtle with clean neutral tones. Shop the collection.

Make those chillier months a whole lot cosier with our draught excluder cushions range. Packed full of hard-wearing polyester, simply pop one at the bottom of your door for a naturally toasty night that’ll help tackle those energy bills. Our stunning signature designs are meticulously hand-crafted right here in the UK by our talented team, bringing the best of British quality with plenty of world-class style.

Draught Excluders


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Our draught excluders are the perfect way to make your home more energy-efficient while complementing your interior style. Just pop one at the bottom of any door, snuggle up and feel the difference that blocking those pesky draughts can make. Designed with plenty of length and a durable polyester filling that’ll effortlessly keep chills at bay – they’re the ideal, easy alternative to always flicking the heating on.

If you’re looking to make your home a wonderland of warmth, we’ve got tons of toasty options that’ll give your draught excluders a helping hand. Our brushed cotton bedding sets are the ultimate must-haves for snug sleeping, while faux fur throws and insulating fleece blankets make the perfect finishing layers. Look out for our matching cushions designed to complement your draught excluder, rounding off your restful aesthetic in style.

Feeling lost? Our inspiration blog is a treasure trove of handy guides and expert design tips that’ll get those creative juices flowing. Get to know the full collection with our draught excluder buying guide, learn our insider secrets to making your bed warm and cosy for winter, or discover our blueprint to creating your very own sleep sanctuary with our slumberous styling tips.

what is a draught excluder?

A draught excluder is any type of furnishing or device that’s designed to prevent cold air from passing through. They’re usually placed against the small cracks in doorways and windows, blocking external air from working its way inside your home. Many different types exist, from draught excluder cushions like ours, to adhesive strips and foam or rubber seals.

The benefit of cushion style draught excluders is that they’re hands-down the most convenient option. Light, portable and stuffed with draught-preventing polyester – you can easily pop them anywhere that takes your fancy.

do draught excluders work?

Draught excluders can be extremely effective tools against cold and wind creeping into your home. Traditionally made with rolled-up towels or any thick fabric that could be fashioned into a sausage shape, draught excluders have since developed into effective anti-chill devices.

As well as keeping you cosy, our draught excluder cushions are a great way to keep your energy bills under control during chillier seasons. A natural, quick and simple solution for blocking out those pesky draughts – they make a noticeable difference that’ll have you thinking twice before flicking on the heating this winter. Unlike rubber seals and door brushes, our cushion-style draught excluders can easily be moved around, giving you freedom to heat up whatever room you’re relaxing in.