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how to make your bed warm + cosy for winter.

A cotton duvet cover set with a tufted tree design, made on a bed with a matching tufted throw and cushion.

from the snuggest of sheets to lavish finishing layers – here’s how to keep your bed cosy this winter.

Have you switched on your heating yet? When exactly we should first fire up the boiler is a subject of annual debate – and while experts insist that mid-October is the statistical sweet spot – rising energy bills seem likely to throw a spanner in the works. So, what’s the solution?

While there’s not much any of us can do about the cost of heating oil, no one should have to spend the entire season shivering. Investing in cosy new bedding is a lot cheaper than leaving the heat on 24/7, saving you money in both the long and short term while making sure your home stays warm this winter.

what bedding is best for winter?

Everyone’s got their favourite bedding material. Whether you like the fresh, crisp feel of pure cotton sheets or the easy-care convenience of a synthetic blend – our bedding choices can be as personal as our favourite food or music. When it comes to updating your home for winter, however, the winning fabrics are clear as day.

"While everyone's got their bedding preferences, some fabrics are naturally better than others at keeping you warm" explains Suzi,'s Design Manager and experienced bedding expert. "Brushed cotton is cosy, breathable and irresistibly soft. Bedding and throws made from synthetic fleece, velvet and faux fur are also incredibly warming".

A greige brushed cotton duvet cover set with a scandi woodland design.
Nook Duvet Cover Set in Greige

brushed cotton.

Sometimes called flannel or flannelette, brushed cotton currently holds our title for the cosiest winter bedding.

Bringing the best qualities of cotton – natural softness, refreshing breathability – with an extra helping of thickness and insulation, it’s the perfect remedy for those frosty winter nights.

Brushed cotton bedding is made by mechanically rubbing standard cotton with fine-toothed metal brushes. Multiple brushes treat the fabric’s surface during manufacturing, pulling the finest fibres from the yarn and creating a raised, napped finish.

The finished product is a softer, fuzzier version of cotton, with heightened insulation that’s a lifesaver in chillier seasons.

A grey washed cotton duvet cover set with a vertical pinstripe design.
Linear Washed Pinstripe Cotton Duvet

100% cotton.

If brushed cotton doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you’ll still find a great winter warmer in standard 100% cotton bedding.

Natural, durable and supremely soft – the benefits of cotton bedding are abundant, leaving little wonder as to why it’s one of the most popular fabrics among sleepers.

While cotton is known as more of a lightweight summer fabric, don’t be fooled into thinking that it can’t be wonderfully warm. One of cotton’s greatest qualities is its versatility, coming in a range of weaves and finishes from crisp and light to thick and toasty.

"Egyptian cotton and sateen are some of the warmest cotton weaves" explains Suzi. "They're made with long fibres and tight insulating weaves, perfect for keeping you snug through those frosty winter nights".

If standard fabrics just aren’t doing it for you, there’s always the option of going with something a touch more extravagant…

A selection of fleece and sherpa fleece throw blankets, folded and stacked on a wooden bench, and draping to the floor.
Fleece Throws


Fleece is a synthetic fabric that’s usually made from polyester. Originally made as an alternative to wool, fleece soon surpassed it, keeping all the warmth and softness but leaving the dreaded itch behind.

Our fleece bedding, throws and sherpa fleece throws are heavily insulating, equipped with a raised pile surface that effortlessly traps and retains heat.

A navy quilted velvet duvet cover set with an embroidered leaf design.
Palmeria Quilted Velvet Duvet Set in Navy


We’re all familiar with velvet, but you’d be forgiven for associating it more with style than snugness. The truth is that velvet has both, combining its chic shimmer with a heavyweight feel and super-soft finish that’s criminally cosy.

Many of our velvet bedding sets come with a 100% cotton reverse, giving you all the insulating benefits of velvet with the added breathability and moisture-wicking of cotton.

A collection of luxurious faux fur throw blankets, folded and displayed on an upholstered grey chair, with a rust coloured throw draped over the side.
Faux Fur Throws

faux fur.

From lined ski jackets to thermal snow boots, nothing creates a cosy winter vibe quite like faux fur.

The raised, fuzzy texture of our faux fur blankets is designed to catch and preserve heat, keeping that precious warm air comfortably close once temperatures start to fall. Plush, fluffy and utterly luxurious – it’s the epitome of warming winter chic.

how to layer bedding for warmth.

You’ve found your winter bedding fabric, but where to go from here? A new sheet or duvet cover might make your bed feel a little bit warmer, but you’ll need to do a whole lot of layering if you want to bring that cosy winter fantasy to life.

"If you want an incredibly cosy bed that'll make you forget it's winter at all, you've got to be smart about how you layer" advises Suzi. A snug bed sheet is a must, and fitting it over a thick mattress topper will only add to the toastiness. Choose bedding fabrics that are designed for warmth, and layer up with plenty of throws and cushions for an extra cosy feel".

From bottom to top, we’re breaking down every last detail you need to create a cosy sleep sanctuary worth hibernating in:

mattress topper + bed sheet.

Thought mattress toppers were just about making your bed softer? You’re not alone, but these luxurious layers have a lot more going on than meets the eye.

Thick, soft microfibre toppers are famously effective at holding onto heat, giving your bed an added layer of insulation while providing plenty of plush comfort. Cover it up with a cosy cotton fitted sheet, and prepare for a new level of snug sleeping.

top sheet.

While more popular in the US and somewhat of a dying trend in the bedding world, there’s no denying the warming effects of a top sheet. The idea is to place an extra flat sheet between you and your duvet during sleep, creating an extra layer of insulation that’ll help keep you cosy through the night.

While the main function of a top sheet is to protect your duvet from body oils, dead skin and dust mites, a lesser-known perk is the wealth of warmth they provide.

quilt + duvet cover.

Perhaps the most important layer in your warming winter bed, there’s no getting cosy without a quality quilt. Made from three distinct fabric layers that are sandwiched and stitched together, quilts are some of the most heavy-duty bedding components out there.

Tog ratings measure a quilt’s insulation and ability to retain heat. Operating on a scale from 1 all the way up to 15, there’s a quilt tog rating for every season and sleeper. Our quilts come with tog ratings of 4.5 to 15, allowing you to sleep comfortably whether in the height of summer or the depths of winter.

toasty finishing touches.

While a warming quilt and super soft sheets might be enough to keep you cosy, no winter bed is complete without a lavish selection of layers. Nothing beats burying yourself in a fluffy mountain of bed cushions and throws while icy raindrops crash against your window – so an avalanche of extras is a must.

A selection of white bouclé cushions arranged on a white bouclé sofa with a coordinating throw blanket.
Bouclé Cushions


Bouclé is the quintessential winter fabric, merging looped woolly yarns with a chunky knit texture for a gloriously cloud-like finish.

If you’re craving a full chorus of winter cosiness, bouclé cushions and throws look great alongside other warming textures like fleece, faux fur, velvet and waffle weaves.

A quilted velvet bedspread with diamond stitching, embellished with diamante crystal sequins and arranged on a bed with matching pillowcases.
New Diamante Bedspread in Black


Bedspreads will lend a premium feel to your winter bed arrangement, coming in luxuriously large sizes that effortlessly cover the bed and kiss the floor.

Bundle yourself up in a thick quilted bedspread, or opt for style with a show-stealing velvet layer.