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Draught Excluder Buying Guide

You may have the cosiest of rooms, but once you feel a breeze that causes the hairs on the back of your arms to spike up, you will constantly be reminded of that pesky draught creeping in. That's why our draught excluders are the perfect way to keep out the cold. Not only practical, but our varied range means you can find a stylish draught excluder that matches the décor of your room perfectly.

A draught excluder, often known as a ‘door snake’, is a long strip that is placed in the bottom crack of a door or window. They are predominantly used to eliminate any cold draughts that can pass through exposed gaps and to prevent any heat loss within the room. Designed as a long, thin fabric cover, our draught excluders are filled with a polyester inner pad similar to the ones we use in our cushions.

Our draught excluders are available in a variety of designs and most are even reversible so you can switch up the look whenever you fancy. Most of our designs also coordinate with other items such as our cushions. As a collection, these complementary accessories will tie the whole room together. With a design to suit any room and style, our draught excluders are the perfect and practical room accessory for your home.


 Opulence Velvet Draught Excluder in Saffron


Our draught excluders also provide a secondary function - noise cancellation. Those bothersome sounds that creep under your door can be muffled by the density of our draught excluders. So not only will you be toasty and warm in bed but you can also drift off peacefully without those loud annoyances disturbing you. This also makes them super practical for other rooms in your home such as an office or nursery to keep the volume in the home on a down low. 

All of our draught excluders are made with a zip closure so the covers are easy to remove and clean. The majority of our draught excluder covers are machine washable making them practical for a busy household. So whether it's muddy shoes (or paws), toddler messes or everyday spills, be rest assured knowing our draught excluders are super easy to clean (please refer to the care label accordingly). All of our draught excluders measure 92cm x 23cm and will fit most interior doors. 

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