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draught excluder buying guide.

A vibrant draught excluder cushion with a multicoloured exotic leaf design and a printed slogan reading 'shut the front door', laid on a grey carpet in front of a dark blue wall.

our easy-breezy way of shutting out shivers for good.

You might have the toastiest throw, the plushest pile of cushions and the cosiest home in town –  but when those pesky draughts start making the hairs on your neck stand up, there’s only one snake-shaped solution. Our draught excluder cushions are the perfect way to keep out the cold, packed with thick polyester padding that stops breezes in their tracks.

Aside from their practical benefits, our varied range of designs means you can find a stylish draught excluder that matches your current decor perfectly.

what is a draught excluder?
A forest green draught excluder with a printed rainforest leaf design, laid on a wooden floor against a woven storage box. A white draught excluder with an all-over textured bouclé design, laid on a wood panelled floor in front of a neutral wall.
@danielle_eliizabeth | Cabu Textured Bouclé Draught Excluder

Draught excluders, sometimes called door-snakes, are long cylindrical cushions that are placed at the bottom gaps under doors and windows. They’re used to block cold draughts from leaking into your room, while preventing any heat from escaping. Designed as long, thin fabric covers, our draught excluders are filled with durable polyester pads like the ones we use in our cushions.

Our draught excluders are available in a variety of designs, and some are even reversible so you can switch up the look whenever you fancy. If you’re looking to expand the look or strike up a motif, many of our designs also coordinate with other items like cushions. As a collection, these complementary accessories will tie the whole room together. With designs to suit any space and style, our draught excluders are the perfect and practical room accessory for your home.

do draught excluders work?
A home entryway decorated with a white staircase, a green storage unit, a potted plant, a white faux fur throw and a white fleece draught excluder.

Draught excluders can effectively block cold air entering through gaps in doors and windows, while conserving warm air and keeping it circulating within a room.

Your home loses a lot more heating to draughts than you’d think, with research showing that up to 20% of heat can escape without proper draught-proofing in older buildings.

A burgundy draught excluder with a printed fungi design, laid behind a neutral rug on a dark wood floor in front of an earthy green wall.
Amanita Draught Excluder in Burgundy

As well as keeping you cosy, draught excluders can help to reduce energy costs significantly.

Introducing a draught excluder to your space can result in savings of up to 30% on energy bills – a massive help when you consider the current prices!

benefits of draught excluders.
A person holding a white cup of coffee in their hand, standing over a wood panelled floor decorated with a potted plant, woven storage box and a tropical style draught excluder. A rusty orange coloured draught excluder cushion with a plain faux fur design, laid on a wooden floor in front of a neutral wall.
@danielle_eliizabeth | Empress Faux Fur Draught Excluder in Rust

Our draught excluders also provide a handy second benefit - noise cancellation. Those bothersome bangs and tiresome traffic noises that keep you from sleep can be muffled by the density of our draught excluders. So not only will you be toasty and warm in bed, but you can also drift off peacefully without those loud annoyances disturbing you. This makes draught excluders a super practical choice for spaces like a home office or nursery where silence is at a premium.

All our draught excluders come with a handy zip closure too, so the covers are super easy to remove and clean. Most are machine washable, making them a practical and efficient choice for busy households. Whether you’re dealing with muddy shoes, paws, toddler messes or everyday spills – our draught excluders are always a breeze to clean. All designs measure 92cm x 23cm and will fit most interior doors.