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Green Ready Made Curtains

draw nature’s beauty to your window with green ready made curtains.

Bring shades of natural beauty to your window with our green ready made curtains collection. Whether you’re looking for a muted design to complement your space or a signature design to steal the show, our light and dark green ready made curtains make the perfect addition. Embrace calm with soft earthen shades, or go bold with shimmering emerald tones. Shop the collection.

Our green ready made curtains provide an uplifting touch for any space, from muted and minimalist to dazzlingly bright. We’ve got something for every style, from plain colour blocks that make the perfect backdrop, to floral and jacquard designs that’ll stand out in any space. Keep things simple and earthy with soothing hues of sage green, olive and eucalyptus, or make a shining statement with glistening emerald shades.

Green Ready Made Curtains


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Freshen up your interior with our versatile range of green ready made curtains. There’s something to suit all styles and purposes, from pretty prints and luxurious jacquard motifs to room-darkening designs that’ll envelop your space in serenity. Discover the stylish, modern effect of our sleek eyelet headings, or embrace a classic, sophisticated look with our pencil pleat designs.

Need new curtains but not sure where to start? Our inspiration blog is a goldmine of curtain knowledge, from our all-in-one curtain buying guide, to detailed measuring guides that break the entire fitting process down into simple steps.

Settled on a design? Give your green ready made curtains the perfect fit with our measuring guides for eyelet and pencil pleat ready made curtains.

what colours go with green ready made curtains?

The beauty of green curtains is that they’ll complement just about any decor scheme. While it’s a powerful colour, softer shades of green act almost as neutrals, pairing beautifully with all manner of styles and hues. So whether you’re eyeing up rich, dark green ready made curtains, or something a little more light and fresh – you’ll find a whole host of complementary colours.

Bright greens like jade and lime are great for bringing a burst of energy to your room, and sit beautifully alongside similarly vibrant tones. Pairing bright green ready made curtains with sunny yellow wallpaper will have an uplifting effect on any space, while allowing your curtains to stand out and make an impact. Complement this with darker green shades in accent pieces like cushions and throws, and you’ll have a cheerful analogous colour scheme that’s absolutely bursting with energy.

Green is the universal colour of nature, creating a sense of calm and vitality wherever it crops up. Earthy shades like moss green, olive and sage are great for building a nature-inspired interior – and have even been known to help reduce stress and improve your mood. Neutral, brown or beige wallpaper will create a cocooning effect alongside earthy green ready made curtains, mirroring the therapeutic effects of the great outdoors.

If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, our emerald green curtains provide an ideal backdrop for opulence. Pairing rich greens with royal blues is a time-tested recipe for luxe, creating a sophisticated look while still allowing your curtains to make a statement. Complete the look with glistening gold cushions, lighting and other accents, and you’ll have a decor scheme worthy of the finest royal court.