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Grey Ready Made Curtains

stay timelessly on-trend with grey ready made curtains.

Bring a clean touch of minimalist style to your window space with our grey ready made curtains range. Whether you’re after the moodiness of smoky charcoal, the sparkle of silver, or the uplifting effect of dove grey ready made curtains – we’re sure you’ll find your perfect match. Keep it simple with sleek plain-dyes, or introduce some energy with a statement pattern. Shop the collection.

Our grey ready made curtains collection brings timeless style to the contemporary age, ensuring your home stays effortlessly on-trend. Open up to luxury with heavy chenille and crushed velvet, cocoon in delicious darkness with a 100% blackout design, or let your window space shimmer with silver grey ready made curtains. Our range of eyelet and pencil pleat headers has a look for every style, whether effortlessly modern or elegant and formal.

Grey Ready Made Curtains


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If you’re looking for an elegant, versatile window dressing that’ll never go out of style, look no further than our grey ready made curtains collection. Discover sleek shades and signature designs that will beautifully complement any style of interior, whether bringing depth in the background or shining as a focal point. Go for grace with an embroidered pattern, unleash the luxe with lustrous crushed velvet, or elevate your sleep with a thermal blackout design.

Need new curtains but not sure where to start? Our inspiration blog is a treasure trove of design tips and tricks. Brush up on your window dressing wisdom with our curtain buying guide, covering everything from fabrics and sizes to headings, lining and more. Found the grey ready made curtains of your dreams? Make the fitting process a breeze with our detailed curtain measuring guides.

how to style grey ready made curtains.

While our grey ready made curtains are extremely versatile when it comes to coordinating a look, it’s important to know exactly how they’re going to impact your space. Like white, grey is a classic neutral and provides a sense of steadiness and equilibrium wherever it pops up. Lighter greys tend to feel sophisticated and uplifting, silvers are formal and luxurious, while darker charcoal shades can bring a touch of cosy warmth. The right option for you all depends on the atmosphere you’re trying to create.

If you’re going with dove grey ready made curtains or a similar light shade, you can’t get much more classic than a pale grey and white colour combination. It’s a hallmark of contemporary minimalism, bringing a crisp, clean atmosphere that can feel both sophisticated and relaxed. Using white wallpaper will allow your light grey ready made curtains to stand out and shine, without overpowering the space. If you’re worried about things feeling a little too clinical, a pop of warmth from pastel pink cushions will provide the perfect amount of playfulness.

If you’re going for dark grey ready made curtains in a warmer shade like slate or charcoal, the key is to pair them up with similarly cosy hues. Burnt orange, earthy greens and deep mustard yellows all make a delicious pairing with darker grey tones – working particularly well in spaces like the living room and bedroom where cosy vibes are most important. Earthy sage or olive green wallpaper will provide a stunning backdrop for dark grey curtains, giving you plenty of room to experiment with brighter pops of colour in your accent pieces.